Recipe: Chickpea Salad Sandwich

This recipe was trending a bit on social media – using chickpeas to make a mock tuna salad. I think it tastes great, does it taste like tuna salad? No. But it tastes good enough for me! Here is the recipe I followed: link here.

Let me do a quick rant about bread I bought at Sam’s Club. I bought it on I think Thursday night and this was Sunday morning.

At first, I thought it was like maybe a burnt mark or something? I don’t know, I was grasping at straws.

Definitely mold. I was so mad. But it was also not worth it to me to go back for $3 something. Ugh! I just gonna put bread straight into the fridge when I get it now. I went Longs on Monday morning and saw the same brand with the same marks on it on the shelf. Blah! Be careful!

8 responses to “Recipe: Chickpea Salad Sandwich

  1. vickinags

    I’ll check extra carefully now. I always buy that bread and actually because it never molded, but I do keep it in the fridge.

    The chickpea salad looks delicious, but I’m afraid it would affect me like falafel, LOL if you know what I mean. I think safe to eat on a weekend spent at home.

    • Jenny

      Yes, keep doing your fridge trick. I think that’s the best way. Haha well I haven’t gotten gassy from this but then again…I guess I no pay too much attention??

  2. kat

    with inflation, I think all stores are just selling whatever they have just to make a sale… I had a carrot that was kinda squishy at one tip luckily I found it before all of them went bad…but la tour’s food was junk when I went this summer

    • Jenny

      Oh man, it’s been hard for everyone. But thanks for the tip on La Tour, I’ve been wanting to return to get their phoggie but I think I will abstain.

  3. Be happy

    I dont believe the mold has anything to do inflation and or
    la tours food ..
    Ive bought la tours bread for years and it has a shorter shelf life than loves ..which Im positive is due to tons of preservatives.
    La tour is excellent bread.
    Another factor could be this hot and muggy weather.

    • Jenny

      That’s a super good point about the preservatives. I’m going to continue buying their bread anyhow and just stick it in the fridge right away. You’re right, our weather is disasterous for bread.

  4. Arlene

    Hmmm, I’ve had loaves of La Tour bread last a strangely long time, but also mold out like crazy fast. Probably has something to do with being stored in a too warm area before delivery?? I have noticed that they aren’t always consistent. Other bread that comes from the mainland is frozen & gets defrosted before being put out on the shelves I think.

    Ugh, I actually had an experience with a dodgy local chain that everyone loves where a new bagel was put on top of a bunch of moldy other bagels! Like bigger than quarter sized multiple blotches of mold! Shudder! I ramble, but try to do the squish test before buying bread & only buy it if it’s soft.

    My go to has become Brug Pullman style bread, but it’s too thick for sandwiches, though I have heard the Manoa location takes orders for sandwich thickness cut bread on weekends.

    • Jenny

      I think I’ve always had La Tour bread out for maybe a week max before sticking in the fridge. Sometimes, it’s just nice to have fresh bread. But after this, I am just going to stick it straight away in the fridge. At least until our weather gets cooler and less humid!

      Oh my gosh about the bagels! Where this place? LOL

      Thanks for the note about pullman style bread! I hardly go to bakeries so I am open to trying new things!!

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