Recipe: Creamy Shrimp and Mushroom Pasta

I made a new recipe today and made it my absolute goal to share it with you folks. I was very excited to try this recipe and realized only when I started cooking what it called for. 10 TABLESPOONS OF BUTTER. TEN. And umm…then I looked at the amount of pasta. 6 OUNCES. What? That’s insane. I don’t know about you folks but I prefer recipes that go by the box because I just rather use it all then save it for later and remember how many ounces are left. I’m lazy that way. So I made many adjustments, wrong adjustments but I can kind of share what I did. I definitely did not add more butter even though I used more pasta…is this how Italian restaurants cook??

150928-01How does this look? This was before I made a few adjustments because…bugga was RICH. Looks pretty right?

150928-02You can never have enough garlic. Never.



Crimini Mushrooms

150928-05Does it help that two of the ten tablespoons of butter is used to saute the mushrooms? I didn’t think so.

150928-06Don’t these shrimp look great? Sorry, I just feel so proud at how I cooked them. I got them from Don Quijote on sale.


Chiffonade of Basil (yes, I had to look up that word)

150928-08What makes this sauce creamy? Cream cheese. All cream cheese. Oh yeah, there’s the butter in this pan. Along with garlic and basil, smelled so ono.

150928-09It will be super lumpy until you throw in the pasta water, then it smoothes out real quick!

150928-10Here is everything mixed together….mmm….

150928-11So what did I do after I ate this and didn’t like it? I added chicken broth. A LOT of chicken broth to thin out the sauce. I also added more cracked black pepper and squeezed a lemon in there. Cream sauces are so tricky, especially for reheating. I packed a couple of containers for lunch this week and poured in more chicken broth to help it not be a clumpy mess when I reheat them.

I got the recipe here. I know I didn’t sell it too well in this post but if you want to make the recipe, please do! I think I messed it up by adding my own quantities. If any of you do want to know the quantities I used, let me know and I can share it. Have a great week folks!

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  1. Even if you think you messed up, it looks fantastic! I love mushrooms so much, I would have stopped there and had mushrooms for dinner. Yummm.

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