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There’s a feeling I can’t shake tonight and since it’s bothering me, I just wanted to share it out. I just feel so bothered. Sometimes I have lunch with a friend during my lunch hour and she comes to campus and parks in my parking stall as I drive us out to our destination of choice. When I come back, she leaves and I take my spot back. It’s not exactly against the law but certainly used for my convenience.

Parking at my work is a nightmare. Our parking lot is always full and always has cars sitting on the side waiting to pick kids up. Anyway, I return today and there were two cars in the lot stopped on the side. Both cars are parked past the stall. My friend gets in her car as I am sitting before this stall with my blinker on. When she drives off, I back into the stall. So as I’m backing into the stall, I see the driver lady’s arms go up in anger in the car that is 4 stalls away from me. But honestly, they were past this stall and just sitting there so how was I to know? As I’m finishing my parking, her male passenger gets out of the car and starts yelling at me. I hate confrontation and I certainly don’t appreciate a male yelling at a female over a parking stall. He yells something about them waiting for such a long time in the lot. I don’t get out of the car but I decided to be cool about it and say that I’m going to move my car. He doesn’t hear me obviously cause my windows are up and he yells WHAT at me like with such anger and disdain…I didn’t care to aggravate the situation so I move my car and start looking for another stall. We all pay money for permits to park in our zone and there were stalls available outside of this specific lot but I guess they refused to park farther. I found a stall right outside of this lot and walked back to work, they had already parked and left their vehicle. Thank god, I didn’t want to run into them.

Anyway, I’m glad I did what I did. I don’t think I was even wrong in the beginning, isn’t it the rule that if you’re past the parking stall that frees up, it’s no longer your spot? I guess I feel unsettled because I didn’t appreciate the confrontation and the fact is, we now continue to share the same parking lot. I feel uneasy and really hope nothing comes of it. If any type of revenge is exacted on my car from today events, I think I’ll really reach a breaking point. It’s been such a hard few months and I’m just mentally and physically exhausted. Sorry for an all text and all venting post, I can’t even sleep thinking about this right now. My coworker unsettled me more after I got back telling me to watch out for them. Ahhhh! I tell myself that it should be okay since I did give them the spot, I just hope nothing further comes from this.

150220-02Okay, I lied. Not an all text post because I’m posting this picture again because I really love this picture and wish I could just fall into this snow and have a nice slumber (especially with this humid weather). Thanks Connie for the picture.

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  1. If everything were hunky dory and went exactly the way we wanted every day of our lives, we would not appreciate it.
    Having junkie stuff like this happen to you will make your next parking find be more joyous, and you probably find good parking stalls 364 days of the year, n’est pa?
    Shake it off. Those people were toxic and you did good to avoid them. They are such unhappy people and be glad you don’t have them in your life.

  2. jalna

    Not your fault. How could you know that they had kapu’d the WHOLE row? You let them have their way, so no worry, not gonna have retaliation. I know it’s hard, and it’ll take time, but try not to let the incident bother you too much. Sending you loving thoughts ~ jalna

    • Right Jalna?? When did being parked on the side equal to saying all the spots are for you?? Thank you for the loving thoughts! A big stress was done yesterday so I feel much better. Also someone else pissed me off yesterday so I’m onto the next anger…hahaha

  3. N

    This happened to me a few times at Ala Moana. Where they kapu the entire parking row even if they are parked past. I thought whatever opened up BEFORE the waiting car was theirs. I don’t think it’s right to get cry divs to the entire row unless you park at the very beginning. But then it is worth getting your car keyed or worse? Nope. But it’s the small kine stuff lil dat that gets on my nerves. Like ppl taking forever to get into a car knowing I’m waiting. Or a driver stepping on the brakes while parked so I think they’re gonna leave when no that;s how they do it. Last week at Walmart one guy was yelling at these two huge (over 300 lbs) guys over a parking stall. He (older man and fat too) was telling them to fight! of those guys had to just give one punch he would be out flat. But he kept yelling so much that as I was pulling out, cops were driving. Maybe he was right but that kine stuff not worth it. Plus with all the chronics, mentally unbalanced, you don’t know if they have a knife or gun. To me better to walk away and take the high road.

    • Yes N! Exactly! That’s the rule, if a stop opens up before you, it’s yours. No can just back up. Get so many people who back up now, dangerous.

      It really is scary now. Even if you take the parking spot, the guy could very well just mess up your car while you’re gone. Not worth it, just move on and take the high road like you said.

  4. Arlene

    First of all, I’m sorry this happened to you during a challenging time of extreme stress. I know how it feels when you feel like you are at your limit and can’t handle another bad thing happening to you. Try to focus on the good things in your life and stop and realize you are still thriving despite all the s— thrown at you and those people have given in to being s—-y people. (Sorry, I do swear in my head…a lot) They had the problem, not you. Whether they’re smart enough to realize it or not, what the man did was a form of harassment or intimidation which is against the law. No one is psychic, how were you supposed to know they were waiting from so far away? But, if this is how they handle problems then they probably aren’t the most rational folks around. Sounds like it’s over, but I think it would have been a good idea to get their license plate number if it was possible to do so without being seen. If you have a problem like that again and you feel threatened, then you can always call the police; you are well within your rights to do so. Good luck and hang in there.

    • Thank you so much Arlene! And lol, I swear a lot verbally so you’re better than me by swearing in your head. Thanks for the heads up Arlene, I think if I see their car again, I will definitely get their license plate. Or the lazy me will go ahead and take a picture!

      A big stress was done yesterday…we had three big events at work. Two down and one more to go! I think I’ll slow down in November…lol. I hope you’re doing well Arlene.

  5. jalna

    Jenny, I like tell you what happened to me yesterday morning. I went to Dillingham Marukai early. As I drove into the covered parking area I noticed an SUV pulled over as if waiting for a stall to open up . . . except had choke stalls available. I slowly drove past her and started reversing into one of my favorite stalls. I like it because it’s a bit wide. As I was reversing in, I started thinking about you and your unfortunate incident, and I wondered if the lady in the SUV had wanted to park in this particular stall but was waiting for some reason. So, I rolled down my window and shouted, “Did you want THIS stall?” She shook her head and said, “No, I’m leaving.” I felt kinda silly for asking, but . . . stuff happen, yah.

  6. Actually, this brought back memories of an incident in downtown decades ago. I was waiting patiently for a parking space and finally a car began leaving, very very slowly. I had my blinker on and gave space and as I creep into the open stall, then this “lady” swings around me from behind out of nowhere and takes the parking!
    I was so shocked and pissed off – so I said, “Eh! That was my parking!” She was older than me (I was much younger then) and as she walked away, she said, “I was waiting longer than you!”

    Grrrrrr. Grrrrrr. How sad that this still affects me to this day. I hate mean people – but by hating them, does that make me mean?

    I know I told you to “shake it off” earlier, but it sure isn’t easy to do, though I do try to do that physically by shaking my head, arms, body and probably looking like a rag doll idiot, lol.

    Parking can be such a stressful event, but when I do find a good parking space (close and in the shade), I do give thanks at first when I get the stall and then a second time when I get back into the car and ease out of such a nice spot.

    • Ahhh Aunty, I would have been so mad too!! I know what you mean, why can’t we just remember all the good stuff? So sad I remember all the bad stuff. These folks don’t deserve to be part of our memories!

      I tend to get hot and bothered for a little while and then use all these incidents as funny stories to tell. Well hopefully funny. Just gotta shake your head at this kine stuff. And maybe I won’t go out for lunch for a while…lol.

  7. Celia Doo

    Hi Jenny,
    I was wondering if perhaps your friend who met you for lunch could pick you up instead of switching cars. I am sure if you explained to your friend that it is a nightmare getting a space she would be okay wit picing yout up. Perhaps you can treat your friend to a dessert or something to show your appreciation.

    It would be easier to deal with a friend than a stranger who may also be stressed and feel it unfair and take it out on you.

    I too was shaken up when I was given permission by the driver leaving to take the space and a driver behind me cuts in front of me. I did muster up courage to tell the other driver that I was given the go ahead. He backed off. Parking is a real problem and spaces are getting smaller. Ugh, Celia

    • Jenny

      Hey Celia!

      I think I may have to start switching off with her. And yes, I’d love to treat her to dessert! I would treat her as much as I can!

      It’s scary how people get with parking yeah? I’m glad you spoke up and got the spot! I’m trying to speak up more often myself…:)

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