Recipe: Fried Garlic Fried Rice

That title is not a a mistake. I am making fried garlic…fried rice. I love the taste of fried garlic and decided to play it up with fried rice one day. I’ve come to the conclusion as of late that simple fried rice is the best. Enough with throwing everything you have into the fried rice. One of my favorite fried rice dishes is just egg and rice tossed together and seasoned with some salt. That’s it. Anyway, this isn’t much of a recipe. I don’t have detailed notes but if there is interest, I can try to type some instructions up.

Garlic is always the star of the show

Spam (optional)

Scrambled 4 eggs until about 80% done

Fry up the spam until crispy

Here comes the best part. Make sure the heat is on medium low, add oil and the garlic. It will take a while to get there but you have to make sure the heat remains low so the garlic fries up not burns up.

Golden morsels of goodness

Add the rice! Look at it…just look at it!!

Add the eggs and begin the breakdown…

Mm hmm mm hmm!

Oh yes. I learned from another recipe that if you want to add sheen to the fried rice, you add just a bit of oil at the end and fry it together. Oh this fried rice was delicious, if you enjoy garlic. It reminded me of the garlic served with the garlic shrimp plates from the North Shore. No need shrimp for me, I could have done without the spam myself but it’s good either way!

3 responses to “Recipe: Fried Garlic Fried Rice

  1. jalna

    “Look at it . . . just look at it”! LOL!!

  2. Another winner that I have to try. You have great recipes.

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