Fort Street Café – Honolulu, HI

When I used to work in downtown, I would always walk down Fort Street Mall for goodies. I remember Aloha Sushi used to be in the high rise where you would get your passport (both are gone I think). I’d grab a piroscki from Rada’s Piroscki from their original location, mind you. I’m sad to say that on my rare visit back to downtown, it was just not the same…and it tasted like they used the same oil from where I ate a decade ago lol.

Ah sorry for the tangent, I don’t quite recall if Fort Street Café was around when I worked downtown. But boy am I glad I found them since. We’ve had a few lunch orders here. I recommend the garlic chicken with pad thai and panang curry! Delicious. We used them to cater an office gathering earlier this year, I wish I took better notes on what sized pans we ordered. I will say we either got the Medium or Large. Here’s a link to their catering menu, it’s from 2019 but the prices were still the same for me this year.

Spring Rolls (Chicken)

I have never ordered spring rolls for catering before but can I say that I was pleasantly surprised? I’m pretty sure we got the medium order and look at this presentation! It was delicious too. I would say it was worth it!

Garlic Chicken

You can’t go wrong with garlic so this dish can’t lose! (It didn’t).

Pad Thai Noodles (Shrimp)

Fancy fancy with shrimp but we were ordering garlic chicken on its own so we went for the shrimp. Delicious.

Mix Vegetable (Tofu)

It’s vegetables. Enuff said.

Red Panang Curry (Seafood)

Mmmm panang curry. I love the peanut-y base curry. I could just eat copious amounts of rice with this curry. Like I don’t even need the innards, just the sauce and rice.

So yes, it was a great choice for catering. One thing to consider, how to pick food up. It definitely was a two person operation, one driver who pulls over illegally (somewhere, anywhere close by!). I was the runner and ran into the restaurant to make payment and they had it all ready to go. I had to make several trips back and forth…and fort street mall isn’t the cleanest or safest…haha. It’s okay, worked out okay and we got the food!

4 responses to “Fort Street Café – Honolulu, HI

  1. vickinags

    I’ve eaten lunch from there, never thought about catering. hmmm, can’t wait until this lockdown is over, so many places to order pupus from.

  2. kat

    wow everything looks so ono!

  3. jalna

    Too bad about Rada’s. I was just wondering if they were still around. Do you remember when they were in Aina Haina Shopping Center for a little bit? Maybe that’s before your time.

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