Recipe: Jacket Potatoes

This isn’t a super detailed recipe, in fact, there are no details. I saw videos of this dish on my TikTok, super popular dish in England. Jacket Potatoes are basically their version of baked potato but I think jacket potato sounds so much cuter. Never made jacket potatoes before, heck, I’ve never even made baked potatoes before but I was super curious. The ones I see on TikTok, the potatoes come out of the oven so freaking crispy on the outside and soft on the inside…I just had to do it!!!! Their toppings are a bit unique…one had tuna mayo and baked beans with melted cheese on top. Curiousity got the best of me.

The worst part about this recipe? Having to poke holes into the potatoes. I use a metal fork and I meticulously stab it, I don’t play around. It’s a nightmare.

LOL, did you know they sold pork and beans this size! I saw it at Don Quijote and just had to get it. We barely made a dent, still tickled me!

After I prick the potatoes and dry them off I generously oiled them (olive oil) and salted each side. Place it on a wire rack and into the oven at 425° for 2 hours. After one hour, you turn the potatoes over. Now this is for the big russet potatoes and baking time makes it perfect. So crispy on the outside and nicely fluffy on the inside. This picture is after I sliced it open and added slabs of butter in. What they do is, they add the butter with a butter knife and cut it into the potato flesh. You’re like making mashed potatoes basically within the skin. Then you add salt and pepper to taste. Is this how you make American baked potatoes too? IDK!

I added the tuna mayo, heated baked beans and shredded cheese on top and covered the plate with foil to achieve…

THIS! A few minutes of foil-age, you get the ooey gooey jacket potato! How was it? NO THANK YOU. LOLOLOL. It was super bland. Sorry, I know this is an English dish so I should have known better. Honestly, I am already not a huge fan of potatoes so I did not enjoy this dish. Luckily I had chili on the side, so the others had chili cheese potatoes. I had a few potatoes left over and made it american style after that which was enjoyed. That’s my adventure into jacket potatoes. If anyone really wants the recipe, let me know but there isn’t much to it!

10 responses to “Recipe: Jacket Potatoes

  1. vickinags

    that’s how I bake my potatoes. Comes out so perfect! but tuna mayo??? the pork & beans doesn’t sound too bad but absolutely nothing can beat chili cheese baked potatoes, except some broccoli on top!
    Long ago when Wendy’s had their dollar menu, you could get a baked potato, chili and side salad for under $4!!!! I used to upgrade to the broccoli and cheese potato.
    Guess what I want to eat NOW!!!!

    • Jenny

      Hahaha tuna mayo was a big surprise to me!!! But broccoli and cheese is sounding pretty good right now. Did you go get your potato from Wendy’s? lol

  2. jalna

    “foil-age” . . . hahahaha! The gooey cheese looks yummy.

  3. Kat

    cheese! butter!yes! tuna?! mayo?! maybe not:)

  4. 2 hours cooking? Hmmm. Maybe worth it stuffed with bacon and sour cream. Yum!

  5. Arlene

    I love potatoes, but that preparation sounds really blah. Maybe you’re supposed to add HP sauce or ?? like Hawai’i people add chili peppah watah to stuff to make it taste good. I wonder if the beans taste different too. I was trying to think of a comfort food meal Hawai’i people eat that’s bland but, hmmm, no more I think. Tuna mayo musubi are super good though!

    • Jenny

      HP sauce? What’s that??? Yes I wish we had like the British baked beans here so I would know! Good to try it out but won’t eat again lol

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