Recipe: Yakiniku Fried Rice

Yes guys, it’s another TikTok recipe post. Kind of a short lived trend and I think this recipe was just alright, nothing special but not bad either. You know how can tell it’s not that great, when the kids no like gobble it down. To me it was good! I just can’t eat all that rice…it’s too much!

Looks good ah? Not practical at all. This is merely for looks. This is not a good way to cook the meat, lol.

After you cook the meat a bit, add two pats of butter, can of corn and green onions. Mix it all together and then add store-bought yakiniku sauce. I got mine from Don Quijote. If you are curious which one, let me know and I will add a picture of it.

Okay, I guess I lied because I’m not really typing out a full recipe. You can see the ingredients all in the pictures and it’s really just throwing them all together and then eating. It’s the yakiniku sauce that makes all the difference. Pretty easy thing to throw together and tastes pretty good.

4 responses to “Recipe: Yakiniku Fried Rice

  1. vickinags

    interesting! but I’m tempted to add onions, bell peppers, beansprouts, the kind of stuff that you cook with yakiniku, LOL Then it wouldn’t be fried rice anymore, it would be bibimbap, you think?

    • Jenny

      Like I really like that idea and it’s like you thought of a new dish, yakiniku bibimbap but wait you’re right it’s technically then just a bibimbap hahaha

  2. kat

    easy & looks ono!

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