Sansei Seafood Restaurant and Sushi Bar – Waikiki, HI


I went from never been to Sansei to going 3-4 times in the last few months. Was it worth it? Um, yeah! It’s pretty dangerous that Sansei also serves the one alcoholic drink I love. Hmm…this is not going down a good road. It’s okay, I know you’re here for the food pics anyhow! My wonderful friend Kristian treated me to the best graduation dinner ever and I will never forget it. 🙂 Thank you Krey! On to the food pics…

Hibiscus Pineapple Cocktail – Cruzan pineapple rum, mint, hibiscus syrup, fresh pineapple, house made lime sour

What does it taste like? Pineapple, hibiscus and oh, I don’t know…a pinch of heaven. If you know me, you know that I don’t usually drink alcohol. Well, I had two of these that night. I wish I could have a non-stop supply if I didn’t have to drive or if it didn’t cost money…haha.

Panko-Crusted Fresh Ahi Sashimi – Island fresh ahi tuna wrapped with arugula and spinach, panko crusted and flash fried, served with a soy wasabi butter sauce

This is one of their award winning dishes! It is very good and highly recommended for you to try.

Salmon Sashimi

What can I say? I love salmon! And I love that they serve it with fresh lemon slices. Is it the best salmon I have ever had? No, but it was still good!

Sansei’s Lobster & Blue Crab Ravioli

I would skip this, skimpy on the portion of ravioli and where is the seafood? The ravioli wasn’t even stuffed full! The sauce was delicious but I don’t think this dish is worth the cost.

Maui Style Teriyaki Beef

I ordered this at least twice in my visits, teriyaki beef is a pretty plain dish but I liked that their beef was sliced thicker. I’m not usually a fan of teriyaki beef because it is usually such thin slices.

DK’s Crab Ramen with Asian Truffle Broth

Another signature award winning dish I would highly recommend you trying. Unfortunately we got this after we got stuffed on all the other food so we couldn’t enjoy this as much. It’s very good.

Ama Ebi Nigiri

One of my favorite sushis is the ama ebi, raw sweet shrimp. Some places don’t fry up the heads for you, why not? That’s one of the best parts! I loved that they gave you rice with the head too…lol. That’s a bit unusual…but hey, I’ll take it! Very good.


6 responses to “Sansei Seafood Restaurant and Sushi Bar – Waikiki, HI

  1. jalna

    The first photo is so, so pretty!! I feel refreshed by looking at it. And all the other dishes look good!

  2. I am such a cheap eater that I am glad that I can experience fine and ono dining through your lens and comments.

    • Jenny

      Haha, maybe I need to be more of a cheap eater to be able to afford better things in life…! But then again, we only live one life…it’s a tough decision…

  3. Dd

    is that hibiscus on the rim of the glass ??

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