Serving of Salad and Stress

It’s inevitable.  When it rains, it pours.  To top off a stressful week, I got a flat tire last night.  Great right?  And for me, I have this terrible phobia about tires.  I don’t know how it started but I am always afraid of my tires going out on me.  Do you ever see those tire scraps on the freeway?  Like how does that even happen?  It’s like huge pieces of the tire!  That freaks me out!  Anyhow, I got home last night and saw my back tire like flat to the ground.  I threw down my stuff and immediately drove to Costco.  I usually only like going to Costco Hawaii Kai for tire needs but this was an emergency and the closest Costco to me was in Iwilei.

So I get there with my flat barely in tact at about 5:30 pm.  I was told that they have stopped taking in cars and I was like…but it’s like flat.  He came to check it out and mentioned he could try to squeeze me in but no guarantee and if he can’t do it, he will put on my spare.  I said okay.  I mean what else could I do right?  So almost three hours later, I get a call and was told they couldn’t do the tire so I get my car.  Then I had to take it to Hawaii Kai today to get it fixed.  I was actually pretty surprised but the guys at Hawaii Kai couldn’t understand why Iwilei couldn’t just put the new tire on.  Then I started thinking about it and was like…yeah!  If they get time to put the spare why not the new tire??  Well what can I say right?  Hawaii Kai was busy too so I had to wait another hour and a half.  While I was waiting, one of the customers mentioned that Costco Iwilei has the biggest sales of tires NATIONWIDE.  Yes, our little island buys the most tires in the nation.  Then everyone made a crack about our potholes.

Sorry for the long paragraphs, just wanted to tell the story.  But while we’re on the subject of Costco, they started selling individual servings of salads that I currently LOVE.  The bad thing about Costco is that they are barely consistent with their stock of food.  I do hope they keep this one!  Let me share some pictures.

131011-01Yum…Santa Fe Salad…only 280 calories!!

131011-02Romaine lettuce is separated and at the bottom of this bowl.  On top, there is BBQ chicken breast, shredded cheese, toasted corn and a wonderful smoky ranch dressing.


The salad all mixed up.  Doesn’t that look great?  It tastes great!  Doesn’t taste like diet at all, full robust flavor.  Also the salad might look a bit small at first glance but it’s actually a very good size.  Costco is selling this 2 pack for about $7.  Great deal.

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