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I’ve been going to a bunch of hole in the walls lately and this is definitely a hole in the wall, or should I say apartment building?  Yes, this restaurant is the downstairs of an apartment building on Pensacola.  Triple One is located across the street from the Post Office on Pensacola.  I heard the two parking spots under the building are for the restaurant but I wasn’t sure so I went for street parking.  I went like near 6 pm so there was a lot of street parking. I assume that if you go during the day, you could sneak into the post office parking lot but you didn’t hear that from me.

Triple One’s menu focuses on noodles and fried rice.  Their prices are insanely cheap.  I heard they moved from Chinatown to this location.  I ordered two dishes to share.  Let’s take a look shall we?

131013-01Hole in the wall.  There is nowhere to sit.  This is their kitchen.  Order and go.


LAKSA.  Have you ever had Laksa?  It’s one of my favorite noodle dishes.  The only other place I’ve had this was at Panya.  I thought the laksa was pretty good!  If I ever order it again, I think I will ask for a higher spice level.  I felt like they were very generous the seafood in my order.  The flavor was good and they stuck with the traditional method – two different types of noodles.  It’s usually a rice vermicelli and a thicker egg noodle.  This soup base is strong with coconut milk…drool…

131013-03This is the cake noodle with char siu and beef.  The title is a bit deceiving.  I mean this is technically beef but I don’t think a lot of people would expect the beef balls they get in their pho.  I actually wanted those beef balls so this was very good!  Good portion!  

There’s some mixed reviews for this place right now.  I think for the price, this food is good!  And it’s a small mom and pops shop – run by a husband and wife team.  I’ll support that over a big restaurant anytime.  I think there is MSG in these dishes though so that’s my only warning.  Oh wait, another warning is that their English isn’t that great.  Well I had to order from the husband and let’s just say I was very happy to see that their menu was big pictures of each dish.  Point and order.  If you are in the area, check it out!


2 responses to “Triple One – Honolulu, HI

  1. Dd

    Ummm…the place is no longer “there” as if they never existed. The wall is gone, the front door area is gone…it is what it was, a parking stall for the apartment building. Makes you wonder…were they operating illegally? How does an apartment building one day, become a commerical site ??

    • Jenny

      No kidding Dd! I cannot believe it! But you’re right…it certainly didn’t look like a properly set up space. Hehe…I think some guy put on yelp that they had makeshift walls for the kitchen. Maybe the folks live there and created a shop out of their parking stall…lol. Thanks for sharing though, I would have gone back soon!

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