So Gong Dong – Ala Moana, HI

Oh man, I haven’t been to So Gong Dong in probably over a decade. Maybe more? Forreal. We were craving Korean food so we came to check them out! They are now in the same building as Yogurstory (former Likelike Drive Inn). Parking is a bit tight since they share the lot with Yogurstory and that place is crazy busy as heck but I was able to get a stall right away. Also, get plenty road work behind the building so no more street parking there for now. So Gong Dong was good and they were pretty fast bringing out the food. Still doesn’t beat my favorite Korean restaurant though (Frog House).

Kimchi Pancake | $17.55

Yummy pancake, nice and crispy. Small kine thick but it’s okay, tasted good. Was it $18 good? Well, I know how easy it is to make so no it’s not worth the price but also I am lazy so we are all good, no judgements made here.

You can also see their banchan here, good typical banchan fare. Nothing to complain about.

Kalbi | $23.95
marinated short rib

I mean, it was good but when is this dish ever bad right? Hard to screw this dish up.

Combination Soondubu (Soft Tofu Soup) | $12.95
beef, shrimp, clam

They are know for their soondubu and I think it’s probably the best value dish on their menu. I like that you can get all kine different soondubu, I wanted bang for my buck so I got the combination. They also give you a raw egg.

Kind of fun to crack it into the soup at the table. No worries, the soup is so piping hot that it cooks the egg. Just stir around if you don’t trust it, I just buried it into the soup carefully because I no like break the yolk. This soup was delicious! I would get it again!

6 responses to “So Gong Dong – Ala Moana, HI

  1. kat

    never heard of this place but glad it didn’t disappoint

  2. vickinags

    So Gong Dong was the 1st Korean restaurant my former Korean boss took me to. Was so good, but I wonder if there were owner changes whenever they relocated, at least 5 times, right? First on Makaloa, then on Kapiolani, then McCully Shopping Center, then Keeaumoku and now by Yogurtstory. I hadn’t been there in forever too but recently went and had the naengmyun and kimchi pancake.

    • Jenny

      Oh you’re right! They really have moved around a lot yeah? The owner looked like a younger man so I bet it’s new ownership but food was still good. Did you like it when you tried??

  3. My daughter likes going to Yakiniku Seoul. My pal Wandaful loves O’Kim’s. Me – I like Yooncy’s by Safeway Kapahulu. And I NEVER go back to Mama Woo’s because she was so stingy with the fried eggplant banchan. She didn’t like me.

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