So it begins…

Remember how I said I would procrastinate by blogging to not study? Yes, it started. I’m not even halfway into the first chapter and I already decided to do a post on here. Yay. I want to say I’ve been too busy over the summer to post but the truth is I’ve been very tired and not as inspired as I have been in the past. Just trying to get to a good space again to post. It has been so DANG hot that I barely want to step foot into a kitchen. I bought some okra on Friday and I’m looking forward to making something with it. I enjoy the slimy-ness, I guess that’s why I enjoy natto. Here’s a few random pictures for you to enjoy!

150830-01I made kimchee gyoza the other week

150830-02I love when they start steaming because then you see the red kimchee through the translucent skin…

150830-03I’m not posting up a recipe yet…it’s really just a mixture of ground pork and chopped up kimchee. The kimchee has such great flavor that I don’t need to add any additional seasoning. My only complaint about this is that it’s dry. I think I’m going to try to add some long rice to the filling – that will add some moisture! I will let you folks know how it goes.

150830-04I had a bibimbap day once because that’s my favorite Korean dish. The twist? I used a fake ground beef to make the beef topping. It was good! Here are the side veggies I made. Ugh it took so much effort…haha. The green strips are zucchini, the others are shiitake mushroom, carrots, bean sprouts and the green mound is spinach. Isn’t it crazy to see how much spinach cooks down? It’s crazy! I love veggies like this, I should make it again.


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