How did potpourri come about? And why did the t become silent? Just a random thought for the day. This weekend is going to be full of rest mixed with cleaning mixed with horror. Horror? The fall semester starts on Monday for UH. Yes. Enjoy the terrible traffic again. Punahou does make it terrible but UH makes it worse. This semester as a warning is going to be insane already. I have three big events I’m helping to plan that will all take place before October 6th. I wouldn’t be surprised if I disappeared off the face of the earth during this time. I am also planning to take two classes. I don’t know if I’ll be able to handle it. I’ll have to go to class this week and see how the assignment schedules are. Then again, my need to procrastinate on all my assignments may lead me to blog more often. Who knows? The only reason why I wouldn’t want to drop any of my courses is because I bought my textbooks already and boy were they expensive this semester!

No complaints of course. Still happy to take courses for free. Yay. I hope everyone is doing well. I’ve been pretty busy lately because I’ve had to work on my kitchen. It’s coming together! Almost surreal. Hope to have pictures to share on it soon. 🙂 Here are some random pictures to share…

150822-01Lamb Shanks from Costco. Doesn’t it look good on this package? I love lamb….

150822-02So like, this is how it looks after baking in the oven. Okay it doesn’t look anywhere close to the package but the taste is great! Tasted good. Don’t waste those bones, get some good marrow in there to suck out. A bit pricey but tasty.


150822-04Have you ever had pig’s feet? I’m sure I have in the Chinese style. This is pig’s feet, Korean style. It kinda looks like how it tastes. Very gelatinous and umm that’s about it. Not a big fan. I can say I tried it though!

150822-05Bossam! I created this plate, doesn’t it look pretty? I bought one of those ready to eat packs from Palama Supermarket and added kimchee to serve up. Was delicious. Nowhere near Jong Ga but we can’t go there anymore so I have to learn how to make this myself!

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