Sumo Drive-Inn & Catering – Honolulu, HI

I was surprisingly active this past weekend. After weekends of just lounging about lazily, I did some shopping both Saturday and Sunday. I hadn’t been to Waikele in a while so I headed out there on Sunday. I went right when they opened so I scored some good parking on both sides. The traffic going in was horrendous, I guess they’re doing some crazy road work over the weekends heading West. I was all mad driving when I saw two mopeds cruising along. Of course, no helmets. There were cops all over so I was hoping they were getting pulled over. Dangerous for them to be on the freeway!

Anyhoo, our office is always on the look out for new catering options for the different events we run. When Sumo Drive-Inn and Catering opened nearby in the old HK’s spot (you folks remember that place?), we had to check it out! Their bento selection and prices are INSANELY cheap. We went during their soft opening and enjoyed their bentos quite a bit so we are already in business with them for our next event. We also learned that days after we did our office taste test, they have raised their prices. I definitely don’t blame them and whatever price they raised it will probably still be a great deal. I can’t see them raising the prices THAT much. Their website still has all the old prices but there’s no way a place can stay in business with these portions and prices. You’ll see what I mean soon enough…I’ll be listing the prices we paid.


150222-03Regular Bento A ($5.00) – Hoki, Fried Chicken (a whole thigh!), Luncheon Meat, Hot Dog and Egg


150222-05Regular Bento B ($5.00) – 2 pcs Fried Chicken, Egg, Luncheon Meat, and Hot Dog

This is the bento I got! Yes, two whole thighs! When I see fried chicken as part of a bento, I assume just nuggets of fried chicken. I was pleasantly surprised to find thighs in here! My complaint was that the chicken was a bit saltier than I would have liked, other than that, I enjoyed it!

150222-06Regular Bento C ($5.00) – Teri Beef, Fried Chicken, Egg and Luncheon Meat



Regular Bento D ($5.00) – Mochiko Chicken, Egg, Luncheon Meat and Hot Dog

150222-09Regular Bento E ($5.00) – Hoki, Mochiko Chicken and Egg

150222-10Keiki Bento E ($4.00) – 2 pcs Maki Sushi, 1 pc Cone Sushi, Hot Dog, Hoki (half piece), and choice of Mochiko Chicken or 1 pc Fried Chicken (which would be the whole thigh again!). What a deal!!! This diner chose mochiko chicken.

150222-01Yokozuna Bento ($8.00) – 5 pcs Maki Sushi, 1 pc Cone Sushi, Mochiko Chicken, Hoki, Teri Beef, Hot Dog, Egg and Luncheon Meat

What a deal! I should have gotten this one! I would next time, I love that their bentos comes with the choice of maki sushi and cone sushi. We talked to the manager when we were there and he mentioned that when they fully open – they will have a daily menu of over 40 plates to order. I’m pretty stoked to have a place like this by work again – especially on days I just have to get away from on-campus offerings.

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