Bob’s Bar-B-Que

I have lived in Kalihi almost all my life and I’ve visited Bob’s maybe once before this visit.  I can’t believe it.  So I got to try this place twice in the past month to try out their dishes.  I see why they are so busy all the time, finger licking greasy plate lunches are always popular.



I wasn’t sure what to try so I went for the BBQ Ribs.  Yeah, I really didn’t know their system.  This is their combo plate with the fried shrimp.  Look at the size of that rib.  It’s insane.  My experience was just all right.  The portion is crazy big but if the quality isn’t there, is it worth it?  The ribs I got were super dry, I expect rib meat to be luscious and falling off the bone.  It was hard to get the meat off the bone and the meat on the edges of these ribs were rock hard.

I figured I got the wrong dish so when I went back, I tried the BBQ short ribs and those were definitely better.  Oh!  And it was only in my second visit that I realized what their ordering system was.  “Snack” is considered to be their mini plate and Dinner is I guess their regular plate?  The thing is, their “snack” size is the size of a regular plate lunch in all other places (meaning you get two scoops of rice, mac salad/toss and your meat) so the dinner size…must be HUGE.  I don’t think I’ll be coming as a regular but will definitely give Bob’s a try once in a while.  Too many food choices in Kalihi, the hidden food mecca to stick to one place!