Guieb Cafe – Kalihi, HI

Been wanting to try Guieb Cafe for a while now, and I thought I was going to try it about 2 months ago but figured out I was in the wrong part of Kalihi. I have no idea why I imagined them there when I never knew where they were in the first place. Okay that was confusing. Guieb is located in the little strip mall that contains New Diner’s and The Old Saimin House. A pretty trendy brunch place located in a not so trendy area…so how was it?

Guieb Garlic Shrimp with Sautéed Vegetables and Brown Rice | $14.00 (+$1.00 Brown Rice)

Crab Cake Benedict with Sweet Potato Fries | $14.00
crab cake with avocado and hollandaise

This dish was enjoyed. The fries do not hold up in transport…but do sweet potatoes ever?

Guieb Garlic Shrimp with Crab Salad and White Rice | $14.00

Garlic shrimp wasn’t my dish but it was enjoyed! If you have a hankering for garlic shrimp and no wanna drive out to north shore (or H-Mart I guess), try it here!

Poi Mochi Waffles | $11.00
served with haupia sauce

LOL, waffles? Sorry I just have to laugh cause this is a singular waffle. Anyway, I was talking with someone on IG about mochi waffles and she is right, mochi waffles are not crispy. If you like crispy, you should not get this waffle. We did have access to a toaster oven so we crisped up the waffle a bit. The sauce is okay, a bit sweet. Was the waffle good? Ehh, like I said it wasn’t crispy and I usually like crispy waffles. It’s not worth $11 to me and I probably wouldn’t get it again.

Seared Cajun Ahi with White Rice and Crab Salad | $15.00
topped with honey wasabi aioli

Not my dish but was very much enjoyed by the diner. If you like truly seared ahi, this is the place to try! I thought the pinkness made it look like prime rib or something so I must just always be thinking about prime rib lol.

Adobo Fried Rice Omelette Combo with Sweet Longanisa | $12.00

This is a surprising choice for me. Kind of a plain dish to try when they have some fancy stuff. I don’t know, I just felt like fried rice. Their adobo fried rice is good, they have nice chunks of pork belly adobo in it so it wasn’t at all dry like I was expecting. The egg on top is like overcooked to the max, so thin and dry. Ugh. And I couldn’t finish the dish so when I reheated the next day, felt like I was eating sand paper. And you can never go wrong with longanisa. I would get this dish again if I was feeling like adobo fried rice, tasted good. Oh but wait, I got super thirsty after lunch which is a sign of MSG. Just a warning.