W & M Bar-B-Q Burger – Honolulu, HI

I haven’t been to W&M for YEARS. Firstly, their parking lot is horrendous and they are always busy. Haha and I don’t naturally break rules so I never thought to park in City Mill and mosey over. Well this time, I actually did go to City Mill for something and decided to walk over after my trip to grab some burgers for me and the boys. There’s a reason why they been around forever, the burgers are bomb. The boys LOVED it. I was surprised…but hey, can’t beat a good burger right?

CHEESE burger (Cheese and Lettuce only) | $5.10
Add Bacon (2 pieces) | $1.25

Got the boys two burgers, this was the first one. Was good! They enjoyed.

CHEESE burger (Cheese and Lettuce only) | $5.10

Just one burger for me, I went for it man. Well for me this is going for it, was delicious. Love their BBQ sauce.

Onion Royal Hal (No Tomato) | $7.55
Royal hamburger with layers of our BBQ steak served with Cheese, Lettuce, Onion

One thing I love about this place? They make customization of your burger toppings super easy. The boys don’t like tomatoes but already get options on the menu that exclude specific toppings. It’s a bit crazy ordering here cause you gotta say what you want, specify the dressing and even when I ordered this, she was still questioning me about the tomatoes and if I wanted when I ordered the Onion Royal Hal specifically, it was kind of confusing and I could hardly hear cause of the mask so I just kept saying, yes no tomato please. Haha, anyway, the boys LOVED this burger.

French Fries | $2.40

No combo meals at this joint, gotta buy things ala carte. I don’t think it is worth $2.40 for a small bag of these fries but gotta make do. They aren’t bad fries but nothing great you know?

Crab Flavored Salad | $2.95

First of all, wat? Look I had to try it cause it said crab and yes now I noticed it says “FLAVORED” but like, no get even the flavor when I tried this. Had much too much mayonnaise, no crab flavor, plenty peas…every bite was like the same cause it was just drenched in mayonnaise. Would not get again.

Just wanted to end the post with a little laugh. I mean, I hope the driver of this car is/was okay. I was doing my walk around Manoa and this car stay parked here. No one was in the car. He/she just parked it right here and left. I was confused to say the least…and took them an entire day to get the car towed cause it was there the next day too. LOL! I mean even if the car broke down, could have pulled up to ANY curb at all…why the crosswalk? Anyway, hope the driver stay okay.