Aloha Burma – Kakaako/Kaheka, HI

Aloha Burma is a fairly new Burmese food truck. They come into town every Thursday and are either parked in Kakaako by Fisher’s or in Kaheka near Don Quijote, follow their Instagram to get updates. I’m a fan of tea salad so I wanted to try it out since Dagon no longer opens for lunch. But the thing that drew me in this time? Laksa Shrimp! I love laksa and I love shrimp. So how was it?

Veg Curry Bread | $8.00

This is an interesting dish. I guess from the look of it, I expected like a vegetable curry croquette deal. It’s actually rolled up bread (like a naan) with the curry and then it’s breaded and deep fried. Not my favorite, Felt too carby for me? Breading and then bread inside too? You know? The curry was good though.

Burmese Tea Salad | $9.00

Have you ever had Tea Salad? It’s chock full of great ingredents and tastes great. It’s also a lot to chew because of those ingredients. Get this salad if you feel like crunching down on a lot of different elements – I wasn’t in the crunchy mood this day lol. I did try it and it was good but I can’t give a full review since I didn’t eat the whole salad.

Masala Beef Curry | $14.00

Chicken Curry with Biryani Rice | $14.00

Oh yum. I ordered this for dinner. It was so good! And their bok choy, very well seasoned (think tons of garlic). Yummy!

Laksa Shrimp | $14.00

Finger licking good. Literally. I love that they peel the shrimp for you but leave the heads. Brah that’s where all the flavor is. I will fight in a battle on this. It was so good. Deep laska flavor, he mentioned that this is his take on laksa. I don’t know how the different variations of laksa tastes, I just know this was good. Would order again!