Posh Caribbean Grill – Kapahulu, HI

I am always on the search for new cuisines to try. I have been wanting to try Jerk Chicken for the longest time and when Posh Caribbean Grill opened, I knew I had to give them a shot! I’m a broken record but hot damn the prices are high. But was it worth it?

Mango Hennessy Wings | $15.00
fried wings tossed in a mango Hennessey sauce

No, we didn’t eat any of the wings already. This is the order you get. How was it? Well, sweet and not a hint of hennessy taste. It tasted too sweet to me, I wouldn’t get this again.

Braised Stew Oxtail | $30.00
served with rice and peas and seasonal veggies
savory oxtail seasoned to perfection in a brown stew with butter beans

I like oxtail and did feel like it was seasoned well and cooked nicely in the brown stew, the flavors were deep. I do not like their rice and peas, it tasted sweet and had a hint of coconut. Not a fan of that. I did like the seasoned veggies even though you can tell it’s the frozen kind. $30!

Jerk Chicken | $25.00
served with fried rice and cabbage
chicken marinated with traditional caribbean herbs and spices

I was most excited for Jerk Chicken. Bah. It tasted fine, but nothing special. They serve a spicy BBQ sauce on the side, that was actually nice. The fried rice is nice, I liked it much better than the rice and peas. The cabbage was junk, sorry. But I wanted to try all the different sides to know which I liked best. Well it doesn’t matter I guess since I don’t plan to return.