Cha Gor

As I’m typing this entry, I can’t for the life of me remember the English name of this dish. I think the literal translation of the name is Tea Roll but if you look that up online it just pulls up a ton of swirled cream cakes. Ahh…and I don’t really see these in Chinese restaurants. Have any of you had these? They’re so delicious, one of my favorites really. It’s steamed in banana leaves but it’s soooo sticky (because the outer layer is like mochi) that they have to put a lot of oil on the leaves to get it not to stick. Well, it sticks anyway so the oil is kind of useless. Well not useless but not up to par. My family has worked around this in the past by wrapping these things in iceberg lettuce, works great for me. No oil and the entire piece is edible! I should really learn how to make this…