Cha Gor

As I’m typing this entry, I can’t for the life of me remember the English name of this dish. I think the literal translation of the name is Tea Roll but if you look that up online it just pulls up a ton of swirled cream cakes. Ahh…and I don’t really see these in Chinese restaurants. Have any of you had these? They’re so delicious, one of my favorites really. It’s steamed in banana leaves but it’s soooo sticky (because the outer layer is like mochi) that they have to put a lot of oil on the leaves to get it not to stick. Well, it sticks anyway so the oil is kind of useless. Well not useless but not up to par. My family has worked around this in the past by wrapping these things in iceberg lettuce, works great for me. No oil and the entire piece is edible! I should really learn how to make this…



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  1. Anon .com

    Locally it’s called ip chai…I believe and it’s steamed in ti leaves. Char hung sut sells it, the fillings are coconut or char siu.

  2. Anon .com

    Wanted to also say…by using either banana leaves or it leaves serves a purpose, they are aromatic. Take for instance the use of lotus leaves and bamboo leaves for other Mochi rice recipes. Same for lau laus 🙂

  3. Ohhhh thanks for sharing anon! I always appreciate your knowledge! I haven’t tried Char hung sut yet (hides!) but I should really get out there. Now that you mention it though, I do feel like lettuce wrapped ones are missing something. Thanks again!

  4. Anon .com

    Hi jenny, every dim sum place used to sells these but it must be a lot of work so you don’t see them like before…however with the newer generation of Chinese taking over most places (that being those not born here)…. Char hung sut is representative of what we locally born Chinese are used too. There are a few dishes that are no longer made or made,in limited amounts.this being layered rice cakes which are still made but limited. The other item no longer made is a steamed yellow sponge cake with a thin layer of black bean in the middle. Sad to see stuff slowly disappear!

    Which brings to mind the late ruby’s on hotel streets custard tart…light with multi layered crust!

  5. Hi Anon! So sad to hear that these things are being discontinued because they are really great stuff. All this talk about Char hung sut is encouraging…I’m gonna try to head out to them next week! Thanks for sharing. I should learn how to make ip jai or else I’ll never be able to eat it again.

    Ruby’s! Ah…too many places closing down and we lose the tradition once they’re gone.

  6. Anon .com

    Ruby’s used to also do those steamed cakes wrapped like an oversized cupcake ….

  7. Arlene

    What recipe does your family use? They look delicious!

    • jenny

      I always get ribbing for not learning these family recipes from my Dad. Maybe I need to huh? I’ve never made them! I know he just eyeballs everything though…as do all good cooks!

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