Mixed Plate Friday

It’s your favorite day of the week! And it’s your favorite day of the week because of my blog posts right? Of course it is (not at all delusional). Here we go besties!

One of the easiest and go-to pasta dishes, it is made with a sauce packet. No shame. I like to add fresh baby kale to the mix to feign healthiness. Let me live.

Here’s the sauce packet I use. If I make a whole box of pasta, I need 2 packages of this (not to be confusing – each packet comes with two seasoning packs…so I essentially am using all 4, is that clear?). I do know aglio olio e peperoncino is quite an easy dish to make from scratch but I’m going to need the preservative taste of this…it has a nice concentrated anchovy/garlic flavor. Love it.

Another dish I made for the past holiday weekend. Nothing special, just a nice baked spaghetti but to make it even lazier, this is just spaghetti with Zippy’s chili (no beans) smothered in cheese. So good. It tastes exactly as it sounds. Why pay Zippy’s for one plate when you can just buy the frozen and make your own. Sam’s Club has the chili for a good price!

The next two pictures are the snacks I partook in when I watched Black Widow at Ward Theatre. By the way, the movie was great. I didn’t go into it expecting much and she’s not one of my fave characters but I was definitely pleasantly surprised.

Loaded Baked Potato Fries | $9.50
“sidewinder” fries loaded with cheese sauce, shredded cheddar cheese, bacon, sour cream & fresh scallions

I usually just get a hot dog but these fries are pretty dang good. I like the sidewinder style, nice and crispy on the outside but very soft and “meaty (lol)” on the inside. Salty, a bit too salty. I can only eat a few bites before giving it away.

Banh Mi Style Dog | $8.00
quarter pound beef hot dog, cilantro-lemon aioli, fresh jalapenos, pickled vegetables & slaw

Ah yes, this has been my go-to since they started serving up fancy kine food at the snack bar. I love this hot dog, in fact, I wish more places would sell hot dogs like this. Love the fresh jalapenos, the cilantro-lemon sauce is great…the pickled vegetables and cole slaw is good. The cole slaw isn’t too tangy or wet like American cole slaw so it works great in this. Highly recommend!

Happy Friday the 13th!

Wowowow it’s been busy!! Wednesday was a day off for me but I spent the morning running errands…then the afternoon being all pissy. Well for part of it anyway. 🙂 I also cooked some awesome spaghetti for the boys and they loved it. I saw the technique on a blog a few weeks ago and decided to make it…what a great idea! Here is a picture of the before and after!


I used the Redondo’s red hot dogs and skewered them with angel hair pasta. I cooked it for about 6-7 minutes (really fast since the angel hair is so thin!), drained em…emptied a can of chili (beanless of course!) and threw the pasta back in and mixed it up a bit. I also added some mozzarella cheese which went great with it. As we were eating, I thought it was a bit dry so I added a small bit of ketchup. Boy did that help! The boys LOVED it. There’s not a lot of dishes that tempt kids to clean their plates but this is definitely one of them! Have a great Friday the 13th everyone! I wish you all the luck. 🙂