Happy Friday the 13th!

Wowowow it’s been busy!! Wednesday was a day off for me but I spent the morning running errands…then the afternoon being all pissy. Well for part of it anyway. 🙂 I also cooked some awesome spaghetti for the boys and they loved it. I saw the technique on a blog a few weeks ago and decided to make it…what a great idea! Here is a picture of the before and after!


I used the Redondo’s red hot dogs and skewered them with angel hair pasta. I cooked it for about 6-7 minutes (really fast since the angel hair is so thin!), drained em…emptied a can of chili (beanless of course!) and threw the pasta back in and mixed it up a bit. I also added some mozzarella cheese which went great with it. As we were eating, I thought it was a bit dry so I added a small bit of ketchup. Boy did that help! The boys LOVED it. There’s not a lot of dishes that tempt kids to clean their plates but this is definitely one of them! Have a great Friday the 13th everyone! I wish you all the luck. 🙂

6 responses to “Happy Friday the 13th!

  1. kristian

    saw the full moon this morning? it’s. amazing. just like this idea. boom. now i wanna try and make this. thank you!

  2. Anon

    Boom? How funny ! Haha….

    Wonder if you could spear Portuguese sausage this way? But add traditional sauce? So cool.

    • Hey Anon!

      I thought about this after your comment and got excited and then thought..maybe not. I say no only cause you have to boil this in water for a while and I can just see all the awesome juices and flavors of the portuguese sausage going to waste. If you decide to give it a try, let me know how it goes!

  3. Foodluva

    You are so creative! Love this!

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