Have you ever had Jjajjangmyun?  Well if you ever watch Korean dramas, you will inevitably see them order delivery noodles.  Then you watch as they stuff their faces with shiny glossy black noodles into their mouth.  I’m a huge fan of noodles so it really piqued my interest.  I learned that it was considered a Northern Chinese dish and there was this whole Chinese cuisine in Korea!  Well I didn’t know where to get these noodles in a restaurant so I found a recipe online and made it myself at home before and I thought it was delicious.  They have instant cup noodles of it now and I also learned there are Korean restaurants in Hawaii that are Korean Chinese restaurants and serve these dishes.  Is that confusing?  I’ll bet it is.  Anyhow, one place I go to get this is Eastern Paradise Restaurant.  As far as I can tell, this is a Chinese restaurant owned by Chinese people that serves Korean style Northern Chinese food.  I’m probably blabbing nothing but wrong information so here’s a picture of what I ate…lol.

130911-01Jjajjangmyun – just pour the thick black gravy over the noodles…mix and eat!  Delish!