Tenkaippin Ramen – Kapahulu, HI

I got to try Tenkaippin Ramen the other week and boy was it disappointing. It was just sad to see how low it has fallen. First, we got there about 15 minutes after they opened. We were the only customers. The place looks run down and it smells strongly of cleaning liquids. Very strongly. That didn’t bode well for my appetite. The waitress working was very nice which was good. The television was playing their Ultimate Japan show which is really cute…it’s a nice distraction while waiting for your food.

We ordered our usual Kotteri Ramen and got a side of gyoza. How was it? What’s going on?? I feel like they changed the recipe for the worst. Considering this is a ramen chain from Japan, shouldn’t they stick to a consistent flavor? The soup used to have a strong chicken bone marrow taste and it was wonderfully thick. How is it now? Well the soup is still thick but it’s lacking major flavor. I could stand the gritty texture when it tasted like marrow, now it’s a non-descript grittiness that I couldn’t enjoy. The gyoza was fine but gyoza never knocks me off my feet anyway. Let me know when they go back to their old school ways.




Pile on the garlic and chili topping, it’s gonna need it.


Kotteri Ramen – $9.05
Kotteri Ramen Set B (Comes with 3 piece Gyoza) – $10.75

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