Agu Ramen Part 2 – Honolulu, HI

Here’s to second chances!  And here’s proof that second chances work! For my first post on Agu, please go here. For my second visit, I wanted to raise the stakes…and boy did I ever.

140211-01Side Order Gyoza – always necessary. They make these fresh daily, delicious!

140211-02Kotteri Tonkatsu – $11.75

140211-03Spicy Kotteri Tonktasu – Level 5! It is definitely spicy. Not so much when you slurp the noodles but when you drink the soup…watch out!

140211-04Soft boiled egg. Actual soft boiled egg. Thank you Agu for making your eggs RIGHT. Other places are always overcooked.

140211-05So after my second refill of water in my regular cup, our waiter brings me this huge cup. And yes, it was initially full so I was drinking my way through that too…haha, sad yeah?

140211-06I like what they did with the design of the interior! Very different from Da Kitchen, like it a lot!

So what did I think? I LOVED the Kotteri Tonkatsu. My friend let me try her broth and it was SO good. I definitely want to get that the next time I go. The spicy one?  Yup, it was spicy. But I didn’t feel too bad afterwards. But later that night…I paid for it. Horribly. And it’s not the TMI thing you think…I just had major stomach cramps for 2 hours. I do not wish this on anyone. So while I could handle the heat, my body couldn’t afterwards. There’s even an Epic spicy level, I don’t even wanna know how spicy that one is! Give Agu a try! It’s definitely worth it. Our waiter mentioned they plan to extend hours soon so folks can get their late night fix. 🙂