Aloha Kitchen – Las Vegas, Nevada

Oh boy did this trip prove how Asian I am. I needed rice the morning after we landed. I wasn’t even 24 hours out of Hawaii yet. We did a water run at Target and I looked up a place to grab breakfast and found Aloha Kitchen. No regrets!!!

Longanisa and Spam Breakfast Platter | $16.29

Chan’s breakfast, two scoop rice and scrambled eggs. Kind of pricey for the plate but they actually give choke!

Portuguese Sausage & Longanisa Platter | $16.29

My platter! I wanted my pocho sausage. The sausage was just alright. I like to get my eggs over medium. Great portions! We had enough leftover for another day of breakfast. Thankfully our room had a little kitchenette!

Side Order Tater Tots | $5.29

LOL, what you want me to say. It’s like mini hash browns okay!

Kind of a double post, anytime I go mainland, I have to go Bambu! Since it closed down in Hawaii, I haven’t been able to get my number 10 dessert fix.

Almost forgot to take a picture, it is too hot outside to do anything so I took one in the car. Was it good? Uh, yeah! Should have got another one of these during the trip. Along with playing more games of craps!!!!