Liliha Bakery – Liliha, HI

I still haven’t checked out the Nimitz location and I’m not sure if I plan to anytime soon. I guess I’m gonna try to stay loyal to the original. I hardly get to eat at their diner but when I do, it’s always so nice. They just serve very simple comfort food. Nothing fancy but something about it is just so nice. One night, after running a ton of errands, I had very little options of what I could eat for dinner. I stumbled upon Liliha Bakery and they had just enough seats for us! It was fate. I didn’t get too many pictures but I will share my meal here!


Famous Butter Rolls with their own jelly. This is the famous neon jelly I see in all the pictures. I don’t know if I was starving or what…but this tasted SO GOOD. I don’t even usually like jelly/jam but this was so ono. The freshly toasted buttery roll with the sweet (but not crazy sweet) jelly, I am salivating as we speak. I want to return back just to order a bunch of these to gobble down at home.

141011-02Here is what I got for dinner. Meat loaf with gravy, rice and tomato salad. Um, for those who go to Liliha Bakery – do they just throw a glob of mayonnaise onto the salad? Hahaha I know it wasn’t ranch but I’m a bit afraid to think it really was just a glob of mayonnaise (it was huh?).


How was the meat loaf? I thought it was all right. Tasted very home cooked – nothing spectacular but edible. Do you know what I mean? I would definitely come back again! Wish I knew when their slow times for the diner was…