Recipe: Natto Pizza

All the talk on Jalna’s blog about natto got me to bust out this recipe again. I wanted to show her another option for eating natto – not sure if it will work for her but anything’s worth a shot after her recent post about natto and its amazing health properties!  Not much ingredients here, I’ll show you folks the pictures and credit the youtube video I learned it from!

140315-01Natto Pizza! You can use naan or pita bread. Spread on some mayonnaise and wasabi (optional). Mix up your natto as you normally would, since the natto usually comes with it’s own sauce and mustard – I used that and don’t add wasabi to the mayonnaise. Add the natto and sprinkle on whatever cheese you like!

140315-02I throw it in a toaster oven and let it toast for about 8-10 minutes. You are really just wanting it to warm through a bit and have the cheese melt…

140315-03Sprinkle nori right after the toaster oven and slice up your mini natto pizza and be ready to eat!

140315-04Yummy…give it a try! It doesn’t mask the natto in any way for those are looking to get away from the slimy-ness of the natto. I don’t think you can ever! Anyhow, I thought this was a creative way to eat natto – it’s good to play around with different recipes so you don’t get bored of the same preparation.

Recipe Credit: ezjapanesecooking on YouTube (awesome channel – I really miss his updates, he did some great and simple Japanese recipes)



Time Passes Too Fast!

I’ve been incredibly negligent on this blog and I apologize.  It has been quite crazy the past week or so.  Once I booked my trip, I just spent a lot of time at work super busy.  I even brought home my laptop this weekend to get some work done.  Did I do work?  No.  Of course not.  And guess what?  My trip to Chicago is tomorrow!  Am I packed?  Also no.  I used to freak out about trips and I used to pack super early.  The last two trips, I have been packing like the day before the trip.  Bad bad bad.  But I do have a very concise packing list so maybe that’s why I am not worried.  Okay I lied, it is now 6 pm and I have to pack and do some work for tomorrow.  I like to work under pressure but this is a bit too crazy even for me.

I hope the weather in Chicago will be on my side.  Although, I think the weather will be very similar to Hawaii.  A lot has happened this week alone.  Yesterday was my birthday and what a wonderful day it was.  I got to spend time with good friends and family.  I have an awesome dinner and received incredibly thoughtful gifts.  It was truly a blessed birthday and I want to thank everyone who made it wonderful, I really appreciate it.

Also, my iPad 2 broke this past week!  I don’t know how many of you have a tablet out there but I realized just how dependent I am on it this week.  I couldn’t stand it!  I took it into a place for an estimate on repair and it was quoted for $200.  That was a bit too steep for my pockets, especially for a tablet that will be outdated in the soon future.

Well, let’s cap this post off with a picture of food.  Although this picture might sick some of you guys out.  🙂

130819-01Natto Pizza!

Ingredients: Mini naan, mayonnaise and wasabi base, prepared natto, cheese and nori.  I used a pizza white cheese (if I had provolone, I would have used that).  I toast it in the toaster oven for a few minutes until it’s warmed through and the cheese melts.  Then I hit it with some shredded teriyaki nori and bon appetit!  I really like it and this is coming from someone who used to hate natto.