Panya Bistro – Honolulu, HI

I have a soft spot for Panya Bistro because it is one of the few restaurants in Hawaii that serve laksa. I love laska. Panya moved locations from Ala Moana to the old PF Chang location in Ward. This is my first visit since the move and I wasn’t all that impressed. I came for a business gathering so I didn’t get to try the laksa – I felt like the dishes were overpriced and the wait staff weren’t too nice to us because we had a big party.

140415-01Garlic Stir-fry Edamame – $8.00

140415-02Fried Baby Octopus – $10.00
Good dish, it was served with a mayonnaise and shoyu sauce. I’ve never had that kind of sauce before – I did enjoy the baby octopus!

140415-03Steamed Clams with White Wine Bacon Sauce – $15.00
They ask if you would like it with garlic bread to dip in the broth – the garlic bread costs extra though.

140415-04Garlic French Bread – $6.00
Here’s the garlic bread – the bread and clams were just okay.

Pricey right? I just looked up my laksa dish on the new menu, $18 bucks! I don’t think so! I need to learn how to make it myself and just stuff my face then. lol…I just have to find a container of laksa paste. If you’re going to treat yourself to a good meal, I suggest you try Tango Contemporary Cafe.

Here’s the segment about laksa that started my love for it: Food Safari