Sweet Revenge – Honolulu, HI

Have you heard the story behind Sweet Revenge? If not, I really think you should go to her website to check out her story! I think it makes her super cool and I am more than happy to help her. Well not help just based on her story, but also because her pies are AMAZING. Have you ever tried them? I tried it first at a farmer’s market and fell in love. Then she must have heard my heart and now comes to Manoa every week. Thank you! My go to is the classic Chicken Pot Pie. Everything tastes so fresh and homemade that you just can’t beat it. I can just taste the buttery goodness in every morsel of the pie. It’s definitely not diet food but it is chicken pie for the soul (get it?).


Do you see what I see?

140321-02A closer look…it’s a heart! It’s the little touches that count!

140321-03Just a peek into the best chicken pot pie ever made. Yes, I’ll stand by that statement. 🙂

140321-04I didn’t actually eat this one but it’s her Quiche Lorraine! My coworker got this and he loved it too! You really can’t go wrong with pie.