Hong Kong Noodle House – Chinatown, HI

On a rainy day, we decided to have ourselves a nice steaming bowl of noodles. I’ve seen reviews here and there for the Hong Kong Noodle House and was impressed that the owner/chef makes the noodles in house. Then I saw that he uses an old school traditional method and knew I had to get in on this. So we did! It’s a nice place, as other have mentioned, it is very clean. The wait staff is very nice, seems like a family run business.


Pan Fried Gau Gee – $4.00 – delicious! Homemade! I burned my tongue trying it because it was hot off the pan! The filling was also very juicy…yummy.

150128-01Look Funn in Soup – Combination Stewed Beef and Roast Duck ($7.75)

150128-02Soup Noodle – Combination Fish Balls and Roast Duck ($7.75)



Soup Noodle – Combination with Won Ton and Roast Duck ($7.75)

This was my bowl. As I mentioned, it very a very nice bowl of noodles. I thought the noodles were good! The roast duck, average. Not the best I’ve had, then again – this is a noodle house. The won ton were good but nothing special. The only reason why I’m not singing praises is because I did get an upset stomach after this meal. I don’t think it was their food though, was probably just me. My dining companions were totally fine after eating their noodles. I guess I was still getting over my sickness this day.