Alicia’s Market – Kalihi, HI

Yes! Another visit to Alicia’s Market and there was no disappointment here. I had to run an errand during my lunch break so I grabbed lunch from here. It was fate because as I pulled up, a parking spot opened up in their lot. I mean, come on! Awesome right? If you would like to see my first post, click here.  Here are the pictures from our recent trip!

140424-01Spicy Ahi Poke “Bowl”

140424-02Look at those big pieces of ahi – no white stringy stuff here. Only the good stuff!

140424-03Abalone Salad. My friend got this and let me try it for the first time! It was delicious, so fresh and crunchy.


Two Choice – Regular Plate
It comes with Chinese roast pork, ahi poke of your choice, mac salad, kimchee, and rice!

140424-05140424-06The mac/potato salad is quite sweet.


140424-08The roast pork this time was winners. Great pieces of pork, I think last time I was disappointed because I got hard and dry pieces.

My friend got to try this place for the first time and she was very happy! She tried different things and thought everything was high quality for good prices. Always happy to share good food places with others. I think I should start a food tour company. 🙂 Happy Friday everyone!

You Hungry? – Honolulu, HI

You Hungry? has been around for a few years now but has moved locations a few times (or have they expanded?). I had a meeting in the downtown/Kakaako area and we had to drop in when we drove past this truck! It’s located in a parking lot and it was pretty busy! Everyone must know they’re there. Let’s get to the food!

140408-01Here’s the menu for the day. The prices are great!

140408-02Furikake Mahi Mahi and Garlic Chicken Combo – $8.25


140408-04My co-worker had this plate and she actually enjoyed the fish more than the chicken! I don’t know if you can tell but the fish was cooked perfectly, very moist! The chicken was just all right.

140408-05Roast Pork with Fresh Rosemary – $6.00


140408-07$6.00 is a steal! It comes with salad and very generous portions of rice and meat. How was it? S-A-L-T-Y. I was so disappointed. I should have thrown this out but I’m Chinese and can’t. The meat itself was heavily seasoned when it was first cooked – then you add dark brown gravy on top? It was all too much. I wouldn’t recommend this dish at all. My original dish was not available so this was my second choice.

Wailana Coffee House – Honolulu, HI

Today is just a quick post of a dinner I recently had at Wailana Coffee House.  I originally felt like a steak but they ran out so I got their Roast Pork dinner.  It’s a pretty good deal because it comes with the all you can eat salad bar!  I like salad so that’s a big plus for me.  Service was not great so I can’t exactly recommend this place but it’ll feed you just fine (lol).


Alicia’s Market – Honolulu, Hawaii

I don’t think I need to tell people again that Kalihi has the best lunch spots, the only sad thing is that they are usually closed or have limited hours during the weekends.  One day, when I was running errands for work – I was able to drop into Alicia’s Market for lunch!  Oh my, my food was SO good.  I got a mini plate – two choice with poke.  How will be this served?  They actually used the square mini plate lunch box!  And boy was it STUFFED.  Check it out!


I told you…

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