Straits Restaurant – Honolulu, HI

If you’re old like me, don’t go to Straits (lol). Nah nah, they have a restaurant side that opens early for dinner. Don’t go too late or you’ll be there when it turns into like a club. I have no idea, I eat dinner at like 5. Straits serves up a Singaporean dining experience, definitely a trending restaurant with very young and attractive wait staff. I’m just going to keep throwing the word trendy out there when I explain this restaurant.

Pandan House Specialty Soda | $7.00

Non-alcoholic! You know me! I don’t want to drink alcohol but want to be part of the party. I love pandan flavor. This drink had pandan flavor but I would have liked a stronger pandan taste. I miss Bambu desserts…do you folks remember that place??

Straits Frites | $15.00
crisp fried potato, cilantro & garlic, kaffir lime aioli, galangal cocktail sauce

I guess all fancy restaurants calls their fries frites huh? This was probably my favorite dish of the night. Ha! The aioli is wonderful, the cocktail sauce is good too! I loved the different flavors…and the fries were fried to a perfect crisp!

Yu Sheng Salad (Lo Hei) | $24.00
salmon sashimi, ma’o farms sassy mix, carrots, cucumber, daikon, pickled onions, orange surpremes, cabbage, ginger plum dressing

Good salad! Great dressing. Nice and refreshing.

Garlic Noodle | $19.00
wok fired egg noodles, thai basil, black pepper, boy choy, shiitake, oyster sauce, scallion, shallot, bean sprouts

Just an okay dish. I wouldn’t get this next time and for $19 – this doesn’t even have a protein.

Hainan Chicken | $28.00
poached chicken, aromatic chicken rice & broth with sweet soy sauce, ginger garlic sauce tangy hainan chili sauce

Oh what a bummer this dish ended up being. I usually love Hainan Chicken but this was not good. The side sauces weren’t great, I don’t know if you can tell but the chicken breast was pretty dry. Supposed to be poached nice and tender. High price for a mediocre dish.

Straits BBQ Ribeye | $72.00
bali style five spice barbequed beef ribeye, celeriac puree

Holy crap I didn’t see the price until just now lol. Was it good? The steak was good, the mash was super salty. Was it worth $72? No. End of post. Okay well, not end of post. Would I return? That’s a hard maybe. I do want to try some of the other dishes because I love Singaporean food and I don’t know where else to find it. Man…