Wow Bao – Chicago, IL

Okay, so I’ve been to Chicago three times now.  The first time I went, I went with Kristian and we saw Wow Bao in downtown.  We both giggled like school kids at the name and the tagline.  Take a look at the cup, can you see it?  Yes, there it is.  Hot Asian Buns.  How can you not laugh at something so silly?  My second trip, I couldn’t help but go in and see what the big deal was.  Yes, they do specialize in hot buns.  This place is awesome, they make the food fast and as far as I can tell…pretty fresh.  They also make salads and dumplings.  So in my second trip, I totally got hooked on the spicy peanut noodles.  HOOKED.  I think I went there two or three times in the second trip.

This last trip I was a bit more disciplined.  Only once!  Spicy Peanut Noodle Salad.  It is SO good, I wish we had a Wow Bao here or that I could duplicate that recipe.  I was also able to try a seasonal ginger tea which was very refreshing.  Here are the pictures!



Noodles, cilantro, cucumber and peanut dressing – there’s nowhere to go wrong with this!!