The Pig and the Lady

Here is my hotly anticipated post for The Pig and the Lady.  Ha!  Here is the huge tent they have.  Have you ever been to their tent?  They’ve got quite a system going on there!  There must have been about 10 people working the food line – all of them are so nice.  The cashier was wonderful even though they are so busy, she was not at all frazzled.  The person who gave out food was very friendly too and I think service makes such a big difference in the dining experience.  And I’m not talking anything over the top, they were just genuinely nice people so it made the experience all the better.

Okay customer service lecture done.  How cute is that piggy hanging on their tent?  Hehe….


130723-2Part of the menu.  I went for the one on the left, was torn between these two.  I really should have gone for the one on the right (yeep!)

130723-3Yum.  This is the one my friend got.  French dip Banh Mi, what a great idea.

130723-4Here is the french dip bahn mi, doesn that look great?  He enjoyed it very much.

130723-5Here is my dish…any thoughts on the texture of the chicken from this visual?

130723-6Action shot!  They package their dishes very well for take out.  Can you feel the steam coming off of the broth?  🙂

130723-7I’m disappointed to say that I did not enjoy this dish.  The dish tasted a bit too homey for me.  It’s a bit hard to explain but the flavor was definitely blander than I expected.  I would have liked a small kick of something.  The chicken tasted like it looked…which is rough.  It’s a pity since it’s a chicken thigh!  I think when I try this place again (which I will), I’ll go for dishes that sound a bit more exotic.  


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  1. Darren

    I watched a cookery show earlier focusing on the international street food revolution that is taking over London right now

    They talked a lot about this Vietnamese sandwich

    I need it in my life

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