Tokyo DisneySea

Chan and I aren’t the best theme park people, I think we’ve always gone in the past with others who are gung ho about the parks. I certainly don’t mind it! It’s fun to walk around, eat some ono grinds and see the decorations for the season. Combine that with Japanese hospitality? Why not? We only went to DisneySea on this trip, I thought it would be nice to see the Christmas decorations!

Japan was unseasonably warm this trip around. Don’t get me wrong, 50’s and 60’s is awesome weather but we kind of brought clothes that were for colder weather. Bummers! Well DisneySea was COLD. You know why? It’s always so windy there! I was getting so cold basically because of the high winds. I think we got out of there by lunchtime. But it’s okay, Chan was able to find a few things he was looking for.

Didn’t mean to catch the couple in the picture, but how cute is that?

I wish I got pictures of the limited edition popcorn tongs Chan got! You can see more pictures of them here. You had to line up for popcorn and you gotta actually buy a bag of popcorn so you can pay extra to buy ONE set of the tongs. It’s kind of silly and we both didn’t want the popcorn so we bought it, got the tongs and I immediately handed the bag of popcorn to the group of girls behind us in line. They were very happy with free popcorn lol.

Hot dogs! Ha you know how much I like hot dogs. Right? Well these were good, not great. Not American style you know? More of a Japanese sausage. Anyway, that’s all the pictures I got lol. Sorry I didn’t have much to share on this. We’re hoping to make it to Universal Studios next time because it would be cool to check out Super Mario together! Take care!

9 responses to “Tokyo DisneySea

  1. jalna

    Me and Wendell are going to Osaka next month. His friends have been telling him that it’ll be wintery cold, and I’ve been disagreeing. I’ll show him your post.

    • vickinags

      Jalna, but don’t forget February is the coldest month!

    • Jenny

      lol I saw V’s comment already so idk! It was warm in December but I will say the forecast is pretty accurate so you can try check before your final packing!

      So excited for your trip to Osaka! I love Osaka!!!!

  2. vickinags

    Whaaaat??? you don’t like popcorn? Seriously wrong! LOL
    I would have bought several just for the popcorn!

    • Jenny

      Hahaha we just weren’t in the mood for it that day! And this flavor was just salt and pepper so even moreso, we were heading to lunch after this haha

  3. Now you have me curious about popcorn tongs. I followed the link – so they are tongs with Mickey Mouse hands on the ends? Super cute!

  4. kat

    I saw Chan’s tongs on IG 🙂

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