ICHIRAN – Harujuku, Japan

I am not a big fan of crowds. But here I was in Harajuku. Why? Well, firstly because of Ikea. And also some other stores I had to go to buy omiyage. Ended the trip with my every Japan trip visit to Ichiran. I know it’s a bit touristy to go and the whole cubicle to yourself dining concept was a bit faddish. To me, it’s just a nice bowl of ramen you can eat quickly and go. You can also purchase a pack to take home, way cheaper than the one in Don Quijote.

Ordering Machine

No worries, there’s always a line and they hand you a foreigner friendly menu to review before you get to the machine. Makes for an easy ordering process. Then you continue to line up to get seated. You can ask to be seated near your companion, just let them know.

Me in my cubicle waiting for my ramen with my lonely egg. Each cubicle has its own water station with cups on top.

While you are waiting for your seat after ordering, you can further specify how salty you want it, how you want the noodles cooked, spice level, etc. Yes, it’s an English form!

My toppings! Yum!

Tokyo Disneyland

This one is a short post, we didn’t do much here. Actually, I basically ate the mochi balls and left. Sad yeah? I think I either have to go with someone who is super into theme parks or it’s just wasted on me. I’ve been many times. If I were to just walk through the park, I would probably pick DisneySea over Tokyo Disney.

Hot Dog Set | ¥1090

Not the best – I just thought I had to get one more thing before leaving the park. We left before even dinner time and mind you, we ate lunch at a outside restaurant too.

My must get anytime I come to this park, these dang alien mochi balls! I forgot each one is filled with a different flavor, vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. I’ll eat the vanilla one even though I don’t like vanilla haha.

SEIRYUMON – Ikspiari Mall, Japan

We were starved before we hit up Tokyo Disney so we decided to eat at the Ikspiari Mall before going into the park. Love this mall! We decided to check out SEIRYUMON because we were craving some Taiwanese/Chinese food. It’s going to be a long post but I really enjoyed this meal even if it was tourist trappy.

Egg Drop Soup

Dried Tofu Salad
I know this looks like noodles but it was tofu! It was good!


Rice (lol)

Stir-fried Shrimp & Egg with Chili Sauce Lunch Set | ¥1430

This was my lunch set, pretty good price ah? Plenty food! And it’s shrimp! It totally hit the spot, just felt like something tomato-y with rice. Loved it. Well the dimsum was blah but everything else was good!

Another version of dim sum

Crispy Fried Chicken with Sweet & Chili Sauce

Fried Rice with Meat & Seafood | ¥1540

Not my dish, but this was also a set meal. I think the chicken was part of it? I don’t remember, it wasn’t my meal. 🙁

Taiwanese Stir-fried Pea Sprout | ¥1100

I was in dire need of vegetables and always wanted to try pea sprouts. Oh my gosh, hands down my favorite dish of the meal. I would definitely order this again!!

Gyukatsu Motomura – Ginza, Japan

Hi folks. Sorry for the two week break, I was so tired that I didn’t even have time to tell you folks I needed one break. But it’s okay, cause I barely ate anywhere anyway so I didn’t have much to update. I am going to preschedule some posts because I am going on a trip this week! Sooo excited for the trip and I hope to come back with lots of updates. I’ll be heading up to Seattle and Canada!

Anyway, I’ll finish up some Japan posts. Gyukatsu Motomura was definitely one of my favorite meals in Japan, there was a long line way before dinner time. And is this a good thing? A lot of Koreans in line, lol. Anyway, we had to line up in the freezing cold and the young girl in front of me was wearing like a sexy type school girl outfit so her legs were super exposed. I am cold just remembering that. Gyukatsu serves up a nice piece of meat that has been breaded, flash fried and sliced to your table. You are given a hot plate and you can cook up the slices of meat to your liking!

Menu – you basically just choose the size of meat you want!

Just a quick pic of the cute pepsi drink, I love Japanese bottles.

Sorry I forget what size meat I got, probably like the middle size. If I’m going to eat here, I gonna grind okay? Was delicious! Loved the side dishes, and they are pretty fast once you get seated, just gotta be patient for the line to get in.

Here’s the little hot plate they give you, get one tealight underneath. Watch the video below to watch me completely fail at cooking a slice of meat. You might laugh.

Mixed Plate Friday (Japan)

My favorite Arare and Peanut Mix

I got this pack from Family Mart and regret not getting more. I got a pack from their 7eleven and boy it was not the same. So I only recommend the family mart one!

Random Natural Lawson dinner one night. We were both baus tired from Disney so we just got dinner in. Luckily our hotel was located next to some restaurants! I still went the combini route and enjoyed it. I got my friend McDonalds, lol.

This is the airline I took from Tokyo to Osaka. It was a bit cheaper than the shinkansen and we didn’t want to worry about how to store our luggage in the train. Would I do it again? Ehhhh, I don’t know. I feel like your entire day is wasted traveling. The check in for this airline was wild, not once was my identification checked. It was hilarious. Also, since the tickets are cheap, they nickel and dime on everything else. While the check-in and luggage check was easy going from Tokyo to Osaka. Coming back from Osaka to Tokyo was crazy. They were seriously measuring and weighing all bags (including carry-ons), checking ID, etc.

Anyway, some miracle this trip was. I fell asleep through every plane ride. Yes, even this short domestic ride. The travel gods were with me on this trip!

Japanese Breakfast

My friend and I were wandering around Ginza one morning and I just wanted to eat at one of these breakfast joints. Shoot, I don’t even know the name so I apologize but it’s really one of those in and out places that you order from the machine up front and take a seat with your tickets. They bring you your food, you grind and then you’re out. All so simple and tasty and a great value too!

Look at the picture above, everything is so clean and anything you could think of is within your finger tips. Loved it!

My set! This was like a cold udon seat with mentaiko over rice. I added on a side of natto because I wanted to okay?

Oyako Don Set

I can’t leave without leaving a gratuitous egg yolk picture. Felt kind of waste to crack the egg and separate it yourself. I feel like they could have just done it for me and saved the egg white for something? I don’t know. Threw the bonito flakes on too and mixed it with their sauce. Yummy!

My natto mixed lol

Daiki Suisan Kaiten Zushi – Osaka, Japan

This is the second time I’ve been to Daiki Suisan Kaiten Zushi, it’s not a fancy restaurant by any means but they serve up good sushi at good prices and the service is super efficient. It’s like a dream genki sushi if you will, only tastes better and is cheaper. What do I miss in Japan though? Spicy Tuna!

Can you tell I was PMSing and craving weird foods?

LOL yup, I eat like a child. I just had a hankering for hamburg steak and Japanese does it best! Or does Hamburg do it best? Hmmm…

Sorry, I don’t have a lot of details on the pricing! I can’t access their menu and it was all done through either ordering on their ipads or grabbing right off the revolving belt which was great, that belt was fully stocked at all times. If I am ever back in Osaka, I would most definitely return. Oh yeah, it’s definitely a tourist trap but I just need to brew my own green tea, mind my business and chomp down!

Mixed Plate Friday (Japan)

We were so pleased that our hotel in Tokyo and Osaka had laundry rooms! The machines were cool because you can wash and dry in the same machine. A few things that were off. You have to know how much your clothes weigh before you wash them. Secondly, it DEFINITELY DOES NOT DRY IN ONE CYCLE. And well, you have to pay for every cycle you use right. We were washing some thick clothes cause it was winter so I wouldn’t recommend using these machines unless you have choke time to wait for your clothes to dry.

Mandatory visit to Ikea in Japan and mandatory swedish meatballs meal. It was good! It’s the same everywhere lol. Japan has a slightly different menu but it was good! I also liked that their store isn’t a maze and that they have cuter stuff made for Japanese audiences I think.

I feel like I mentioned these tarts already but I’ll mention it again since I found the name of it in my pictures. So good fresh out the oven. Eating this in the cold weather was perfection. We found this place in Osaka.

Universal Japan – Day 2

Most popular and biggest attraction by far. I didn’t know that you had to reserve a ticket to even walk in so we got stopped as we tried. No one speaks good English so I had to play around with their mobile app until I figured out how to reserve tickets. It’s free to walk through, they just have timed visit slots. I think I tried to reserve it at like 10 AM and couldn’t get a window until 3 PM. Highly suggest you check in right when you arrive to reserve your time slot! You cannot do it ahead of time, they make sure you are on property to reserve.

It’s pretty surreal when you walk in, you really feel like you are in the video game! I didn’t even know they had a ride, not that I ride rides. I just enjoyed walking through!

Red Shell Calzone with Cheese & Ketchup Spaghetti Filling | ¥850

This tasted like it sounds. Not good. I don’t think they even serve it anymore lol. I was so full from eating earlier in the day, how do people eat so much at theme parks???

Mixed Berry Christmas Highball | ¥650
Non-Alcoholic Christmas Fruit Cocktail | ¥550

Special drinks for the holidays! I had the non-alcoholic drink. It was gooood!

I forget what this drink was called but I thought it looked cool, it was also not mine lol. I think it was enjoyed!!!

Pretty Christmas tree/show to end the night!

Universal Japan – Part 1

Not my first time here and not gonna be my last! I actually enjoy Universal Japan more than Tokyo Disney. Not that I’m trying to start any wars here, but the vibe just felt better at Universal and the workers seemed friendlier.

Pretty much the scene everywhere, people with their cell phones up ready to shoot lol.

Fish and Chips | ¥2,200
fresh cod battered and fried served with chips and tartar sauce, with a side of green peas and mushy peas

My dish. Eh, it was alright. Kind of greasy but did the job.

Beef Sunday Roast | ¥3,100
roast beef with vegetables, roast potatoes, yorkshire pudding and gravy

I think this was the dish? I hope this was the dish. Either way, it doesn’t look worth like 30 bucks!

Treacle Tart with Raspberries and Clotted Cream | ¥600

I wanted to try this because I always wanted to try treacle and clotted cream. Blah. It was much too sweet, hence the name treacle. I’d like to try British desserts in Britain.

Hogwarts bids you a warm farewell for now!