Treats from Japan

My coworker just returned from a Japan trip recently and he graciously shared some snacks with us! I just wanted to show you a quick update of them.

140520-01I don’t know how many of you folks can read Japanese but this is wasabi Kit Kat! Interesting right? Now you see the wasabi plants all over the cover huh? How’d it taste? I couldn’t taste the wasabi like at all. I was even trying to see if there would be notes of it after I finished chewing, nothing! A bit disappointing, I wanted it to clear my sinuses…lol.



140520-04Tokyo Banana. I heard a lot about this treat and it seems to be a popular omiyage. I’m a fan of banana but not too much a fan of this treat. I could tell they were trying to create a cake that tasted a lot like the real thing…not a fan. Give me some good old banana bread anyday.

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