Sweet Home Cafe – Moilili, HI

Sweet Home Cafe needs no introduction, I even have a previous post about them.  You should check out their Yelp page, there are currently some mixed reviews. It’s very interesting and I hope they can take any negative reviews and turn it into positives for themselves (barring the fake ones of course). I had a visit about a week ago and it was pretty much a common visit. I was mainly surprised that I didn’t have to wait at all for a seat on a Saturday night and then when I was served dessert before we were done eating and nowhere near the time limit.


We got the House Special this time. For those who wonder what it tastes like, it’s a lot like a Pho broth.

140519-02Our stuff dumped in! The broth isn’t bad but healthy herb is still my favorite.

140519-03Raw beef

140519-04You see the yellow rounds floating in the soup? I tried it during my last visit and it has become a favorite. I think it’s called Egg Tofu – so good. It’s a really soft egg thing…you can’t taste the tofu at all. It almost tastes a bit like chawan mushi in texture…delish.

140519-05My dipping sauce! One of many, I never waste though. I don’t wanna go against Auntie, I just return to grab more when I need more. I also use a choke-load of cilantro. Fresh cilantro for the win.

140519-06The infamous dessert that was served to me while my mouth was full trying to finish my dinner. This is the exact kind of dessert you cannot be served early, it’s shave ice! We had to rush to finish dinner and eat this…it was rude in my eyes. This was Kristian’s first visit so he was not pleased either.

6 responses to “Sweet Home Cafe – Moilili, HI

  1. kristian

    the night when we were serenaded by 98 degrees. “she’s out of my life.” “here look…it’s she’s out of my life.” “you got it?”

    anyway…the food was good that night. except that there was little to no spam in our shumai. and yes, it was rather rude how we got out dessert while we were clearly still eating our dinner. it’s only the two of us and we are normally quick eaters to begin with. but that feeling of being rushed…no. overall it was a good meal with good company. typical. give me just one night. una noche.

    • hahaha he was very nice to tell me the song..even though you told me it was the wrong title. do you know the right title? sorry, you had a less than satisfactory experience. i can’t say they wouldn’t rush us out again…

  2. jalna

    Always wanted to eat there, but still haven’t. Can you just go for the dessert? Or do you gotta eat all the other stuff first?

    • Hey Jalna! Actually they would! The only thing is…I think they stuff it into a to-go cup (like those bubble tea cups)…and I’ve never seen someone order just the dessert since it’s free with dinner…:)

  3. Foodluva

    It just breaks my heart (and appetite) about SHC rushing folks out. I enjoy their soup bases, all the savory sauces, and oodles of stuff to toss in the soup. Even their shave ice dessert is yummers. But ya, being rushed out ruins it. Shucks.

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