Two Ladies Kitchen – Hilo, HI

There are a few staples you must hit up when you go to Hilo. Two Ladies Kitchen is a must. It’s very popular with both locals and tourists alike and for good reason, they make awesome mochi. Here’s a sampling of what I had…



Here’s what I ordered (from left to right): Peanut Butter (the flower shape), Butter Mochi, Fresh Strawberry Mochi (plus a free one!), and Lilikoi Mochi.


Start with my least favorite, the butter mochi. Hmm…gritty. I did not enjoy this one.


Yum! I love lilikoi and this mochi was nice and soft, tart and sweet. Delicious.


Their star winner, Fresh Strawberry Mochi. It definitely did not disappoint and I was so surprised they gave me a free one too! So good. I wish they were open more than the one day we went…I think I would have gone back daily..haha!

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  1. jalna

    MOCHI, MOCHI, MOCHI!!!! I LOVE Two Ladies Mochi! That sign . . . do you know why there’s a period between MO AND CHI?

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