Nori’s Saimin & Snacks – Hilo, HI

We made a grave mistake this night. We didn’t complete our research in full and missed out on bringing home omiyage from Nori’s Saimin & Snacks. Yes, this trip I missed out on my favorite Chocolate Mochi Cake. Maybe it’s for the better, I probably would have gobbled that thing down before sharing it with anyone. The food here? I like the variety on the menu but I am pretty sure it had plenty of MSG because I was thirsty all night. The workers are nice but they were very busy with very little help, it was a bit of a mess. And hot. So hot. I will not miss the lack of air conditioning at restaurants in Hilo, lol. This post will include some random other things since I didn’t have much to share from Nori’s.


Curly Ramen Won Ton – Large Special


Special bowls comes with one BBQ chicken stick. The chicken stick was hard, not great.

Next couple of pictures consist of the decor inside of Big Island Candies. I like how detailed they are!




It’s a bit random to share a shave ice picture but I really really enjoyed this one! I got it fromĀ Da Hawaiian Brain Freeze Shave Ice & Ice Cream. How can you go wrong? This is their Keiki Size. KEIKI. Cute they serve it with a genki sushi kine plate underneath. I got lilikoi with li hing powder. It was perfection. Perfectly shaved ice, nice syrup and the li hing powder was not at all sour and complemented the dessert so nicely. I would definitely return here!

3 responses to “Nori’s Saimin & Snacks – Hilo, HI

  1. jalna

    I went to Nori’s once a long time ago and was really disappointed with my saimin. It was like they didn’t stir the noodles while it was boiling and I ended up with a clump all stuck together. And yes, the help was not too helpful then too.

  2. I’ve never been to Hilo but if I do go, I want to eat and eat! Nice pictures, LOVE the one of your shave ice!

  3. Arlene

    I’ve had Nori’s chocolate mochi cake before at one of Shirokiya’s (now defunct?) Island Fairs. I liked Nori’s a lot. It has something extra I think compared to the home recipes I’ve tried. Welcome back again to blogging!

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