Uncle’s Chicken – Kalihi, HI

When Uncle’s Chicken opened up a while ago, I really wanted to try it. I was intrigued by the whole fried chicken (well it’s a cornish game hen). My initial craving went away so I didn’t try it until last week. They have a supposed website to order online but it didn’t work the entire day so forget that.

Crispy Fried Whole Chicken | $15.95

How was it? Okay. The sauce that comes with it…it’s like a tangy creamy sauce. I’m not raving about this but I didn’t dislike it too you know?

Shrimp Sandwich | $9.25

Another thing we were excited to try. Maybe V would be excited to try it too but ehhh, no need. I tried it so you don’t have to. It’s texture is like fish paste so it’s not like you get any distinct shrimp flavor nor are there any nice morsels of shrimp in there. No can tell what you even eating.

8 responses to “Uncle’s Chicken – Kalihi, HI

  1. jalna

    Good to know! Thanks.

  2. vickinags

    Thanks! I am always thinking of shrimp burgers in Japan, LOL And, wow, double the price of the Japan ones.
    FYI for when you go again in order of my preference #1 Lotteria #2 MOS Burgers #3 McDonalds although I rarely get to eat a Lotteria one, not that many locations crossing my path.

  3. kat

    bummer but at least now you know

  4. I never had a shrimp burger but my friend from Vegas likes the one from Zippy’s. Cheap lunch date, lol.

    You gotta try Good Chicken’s whole fried chicken. Costs $20 but comes with fries and a drink. You can also order it with sauce (I would ask for it on the side if you not eating right away and my favorite is chili garlic). They do really good chicken and the mandoo is excellent, too.

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