Veggie Friday

Is wanting to eat better a sign of maturity? Actually, not even just wanting to eat better but a craving for fruits and vegetables! I’d say so! A recent Friday at work included tofu for breakfast and salad for lunch. It was SO good. Just wanted to share quick pictures from it.

150329-01Tofu Watercress from Don Quijote – my absolute favorite and the best I have ever tasted. They sell this in the ahi poke case and it’s not much to look at in the case but it’s absolutely delicious. Every morsel is so flavorful. I highly recommend it. In fact, have I talked about this before? Anyhow, give it a try!

150329-02The salad I whipped together. I got the ingredients from our on-campus farmers market. My coworker brought some tomatoes and feta cheese which went very well with the salad. I think the salad dressing I used was what made the salad extraordinary. It was Kewpie’s Wafu Dressing – you folks should give it a try! It’s so delicious!

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