Vietnamese Food – Los Angeles, CA

One of my favorite cuisines is Vietnamese Food. If I am ever feeling under the weather, Pho is the dish I crave most. Color me surprised that we only tried two Vietnamese Restaurants during this trip, although the trip wasn’t all that long. I’ll cover both restaurants in this post.

House Special | $13.49
Pho Kobe Style Beef – Thin Sliced Wagyu Steak Fillet Beef
Com Cha Suon Nuong | $9.49
Grilled Pork Chop and Pork Egg-Custard with Broken Rice

I can’t comment too much on the pho, I got the grilled pork chop dish. It was delicious!

Final meal in California at Pho Hue Oi
Mango Tango | $3.95
black tea with mango, passion fruit coconut jelly
Garlic Noodles with Grilled Jumbo Shrimp | $15.00

Okay, I just realized that I went to two Vietnamese restaurants and didn’t eat pho in either one. What was I thinking? Well if you think I have any regrets, I have none. These garlic noodles with shrimp were so delicious. Mmm…what a send-off of a meal. The drink? Perfect! I really wish I had found this restaurant earlier in the trip because I am sure we would have given it a second visit.

5 responses to “Vietnamese Food – Los Angeles, CA

  1. kat

    both sound great!

  2. jalna

    Garlic Noodles with Shrimp for me!!

  3. N

    Today I tried Chengu Taste. I have not eaten Szechuan food in decades. Decades. Big mistake on my part. I do not like sour flavored food a balance between sweet and sour but not totally sour which is how all the food except the Chicken tasted to me. The fried rice was kind of meh and sour-ish tasting and didn’t taste like it was cooked at high heat in a wok. And those little black pieces of flavoring yu-something, yeah I was spitting that out after lunch. The chicken chili was too darn spicy for me. I could barely eat it and left most of the green chiles behind. The garlic pork was again sour-ish. My mouth was burning after I ate the chicken. And the food wasn’t that hot like it sitting around for a few. It was so strange becuz it wasn’t very busy. Service was excellent. Oh and I got stuck in the toilet LOL that darn door wouldn’t open I was so panicking! “No one knows I’m in here”. I kept pressing that door exit button and the light lit up green but it was stuck and that door was solid, man. Finally when the green light went out, THEN I could open the door LOL Oh and the valet parking – cost me $2 + $3 tip, there is no street parking there. It’s just me and not having the Szechuan food – there were lots of Chinese nationals that were leaving so apparently it’s really good there

    • Jenny

      Oh my gosh! I am so sorry you had a not great experience. I have to report, my second visit was bummers. The fried rice was nowhere as good as the first time, must be different chefs. The chicken and pepper dish, lol, I only ate the chicken and left all the chili peppers. Did I not mention that?? And the bathroom…what a stressful visit! I do hope you do visit again one day…and park in Walmart parking to walk over…lol!

  4. Thank you Jenny for visiting us in Redondo Beach! Hope to see you next time you’re in town!

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