Welcome Back?

Hi everyone! If there is anyone left reading this blog! Guess what? I officially finished grad school this past weekend. It was a long journey and I appreciate everyone who supported me. What did I do this past weekend? Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. And did I mention sleep? I also cleaned a lot. I couldn’t believe I cleaned, I thought I would just veg out. And the past two days were glorious, waking up without worrying about another paper to write? Amazing.

I certainly haven’t stopped eating out all this time! So I’ll gradually update my food adventures. Tonight, I had the urge to do some baking. Here’s a picture of it:

Can you guess what it is? Hint: It’s not cake! It was a totally improvised recipe. I’ll bring it to work tomorrow and if the verdict is good, I’ll for sure share the recipe! Look great though doesn’t it? Fresh blueberries!

13 responses to “Welcome Back?

  1. Missed you:)

    Congratulations! Missed reading your blog and adventures.

    What a great acomplishment.

    Best of luck with your new degree…does iit mean youll get a huge promotion as in $$$.

    • Jenny

      Thank you! And thanks for sticking with the blog! Haha no big promotion just yet…but hopefully I can find a position that the degree will be used in! $$ would be nice!

  2. jalna


  3. N

    Congrats! you did it! So much credit for both working and school. Now let the fun times begin!! -N

    • Jenny

      Hi N! Ah so great to hear from you! Thanks so much for the kind words, yes…food and more food I say! 🙂 You still been eating the beets? It looks like Costco carries them consistently now??

      • N

        LOL you remembered! No I kind of OD on beets and haven’t eaten them for a long time now. Oh wait, now I’m craving them. I am really so happy and proud for you…you studied so hard, I give props to anyone who can do work and school at the same time. God bless! N

  4. De

    I don’t know you but congratulations and missed reading your blog. Looking forward to them.

  5. Congrats!!! What is your advanced degree in?

    Missed your great food reviews. Will let my daughter know about Bozu.

    I am guessing that what you made was a cornbread blueberry thingee. At first I thought it was an olive fat pizza.

    • Jenny

      Hi Aunty! I got my degree in Education Administration! Yes, I hope your daughter gets to try! Let me know if she likes it.

      Great guess Aunty! It’s actually a lemon pudding mochi with blueberries, I’m going to post the recipe right after these comments!

  6. Arlene

    Welcome back and congratulations to you! It must have been tough to work and go to school at the same time. I’ll be looking forward to your new posts after you relax and recharge a bit.

    • Jenny

      Hi Arlene! Thanks so much for sticking by the blog! I missed posting too and hope to do so more often! It was definitely hard but dare I say…I’m going to miss school! Crazy huh? Been nice to “relax” these past few days…even though I’ve been going to work! Hahaha, nice to hear from you!

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