Bozu Japanese Restaurant – McCully, HI

I tried Bozu Japanese Restaurant for the first time last week and got hooked. I mean hooked, I went back to the restaurant three nights later. I’m not usually a night owl but for some odd reason, both visits were during their late night happy hour special which I believe starts at 9pm. While I did get one item of the late night menu, everything else was pretty much from their regular menu. They are located in the McCully Shopping Center on the 2nd floor, not hard to find especially since the 2nd floor is kind of empty. The staff there are all so friendly! The restaurant is filled with Japanese nationals but I got first rate service both nights. And as I left both nights, all the sushi chefs enthusiastically yelled their farewells and thank yous. Great food and service? Can’t miss! Here are the pictures.

Cold-style Chawan Mushi

Oh my god. If there is ever a dish to get here, THIS. IS. IT. The silky smoky smooth savory egg custard, a layer of some type of delicious gelatin, ikura, uni, crab meat, shiso leaf…it just all tastes so great. Perfect combination. Perfect dish. Trust me and get it.

Salmon Lovers Don (Late Night Happy Hour Special) 

Great dish! Lots of good quality salmon and a mountain of ikura. It’s also a huge mountain of rice, but good quality seasoned rice. Delicious!

Powerful Natto (Tuna, Squid, Yam, Masago, Takuwan, Okura, and Quail Egg)

All I can say is, you better like natto or do not get this dish. I usually see this dish named as a stamina bowl or something in other restaurants. It’s a slimey gooey mess, the exact mess I’m into.

Bozu Special Roll

How do you go wrong with this roll? All the best fish and topped with ikura! The picture may be a bit misleading, this roll is HUGE. Definitely need to share it with a group.

Ika Shiokara Pasta

Oh boy, it was a nice dish to try but boy is it salty. It must be the shiokara that makes it sooo salty. It tastes pretty good but I don’t know if I would order it again. They do cook the pasta perfectly though!

Spicy Ahi with Taro Chips

Delicious! But I gotta say…this spicy ahi is definitely spicier than other places so if you can’t handle spice…I wouldn’t recommend it. I liked it though! I may have overkilled it with two visits in one week – but definitely plan to visit again!

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