Yakiniku Korea House – Honolulu, HI

Yakiniku Korea House is a great Korean restaurant in Moilili. They have great lunch specials and I enjoy their menu because to me it’s more authentic Korean food versus a localized version. They even have the Yukhoe raw beef dish I love! Well, I haven’t tried it here because no one is willing to eat it with me and I can’t eat the serving all by myself and I’m going to assume they would not let me take it home. Ugh, third world problems.

Pork with Potato Stew (serves 2) | $29.95

Here’s a dish I got recently, big soup ready to feed 2-3 people. I like how it boils up in front of you, let it cook down some more at the table so the meat gets more fall off the bone and the potatoes get softer. Kinda spicy (I mean look at it!) but a great way to sweat out some toxins!

We got five complimentary ban chans; seasoned bean sprouts, seasoned acorn jelly, traditional kimchee, mac salad, and a more fresh water kimchee? They don’t explain it but I enjoyed the traditional kimchee more. They did refill our banchan when we asked.

HOWEVER, apparently rice is not free refills. They charge $2.00 for an extra bowl of rice! Hmm…not a fan of that charge. She didn’t let us know it cost extra either and it’s not like it’s the fancy mixed rice, it’s just plain white rice. I think when you cough up the dough for a big soup dish, the rice should be complimentary!

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  1. kat

    bummer the rice refills are not free and that they don’t let you know that you will be charged for it

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