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Yard House is a good ole American restaurant to me. A great selection of food and drinks, I don’t come here for stellar service or atmosphere but do enjoy the food! This post includes dishes from two visits, the second visit…to my dismay was the Saturday of Saint Patrick’s Day weekend. Yeah, I didn’t realize that until after I put in my wait-list request on their website. Also due to this fact, I think my wait time was still 2 hours. The initial wait time was 1.5 hours so I arrived then and was still given a buzzer to wait for about 20-30 mins more. I think this was due to Saint Patty’s day so I won’t poo poo their system just yet. Let’s get to the food!!

Sunset Sangria | $11.50
new amsterdam vodka, aperol, la perlina moscato, citrus agave, passion fruit, seven falls rapids red blend, strawberries, black cherry, pineapple, mint

Okay, there was some confusion when I first put this drink order in. They have this Sunset Sangria and a Sunkissed Sangria. Well I order Sunset and our waiter decided not to write orders down (why do waiters do this) and kept repeating back Sunkissed to me…and it was just confusing. I got the right drink in the end so cheers to his memory. It was delicious. Sangria is always delicious.

Fried Calamari | $13.25
spicy tomato sauce, roasted jalapeño tartar

One of my favorite appetizers here, great dish. Perfectly cooked and love the spin on their dipping sauces.

Poke Nachos | $14.75
marinated raw ahi, avocado, cilantro, serranos, green onions, nori, sesame seeds, sweet soy, sriracha aïoli, white truffle sauce, crispy wontons

A little pricey yes, but delicious. We practically licked the plate clean. I think it’s a pretty good serving size for the price, would recommend!

Rib Eye | $30.95
(12 oz) spinach mashed potatoes, broccolini, house made steak sauce
Turkey Burger | 13.75
roma tomatoes, arugula, mozzarella, garlic aïoli, fries

Out of all the dishes on the menu, this is one of my go-to’s. If not, the dish I always order. I know what you’re thinking, a turkey burger? Really, Jenny? Yes, really. They really nailed down a great recipe for their turkey burger, I prefer it over any burger any day. Everything just works in this burger, it’s delicious. I even let my kid brother try this burger and he then loved it too. A kid liked it, just try it.

Clam Chowder | $3.75 (add-on for Turkey Burger)

Eh, it was okay. A bit salty but I felt like something soupy that night. I usually actually get their Tomato Bisque which I enjoy a lot but felt like the chowder that night. I can’t say $3.75 is a good price, especially if you get the tomato bisque.

Mini Trio Sampler | $11.25
cheesecake brûlée, peach apple cobbler, chocolate soufflé cake

This was a nice selection to share! I gotta say we were pretty stuffed so we didn’t enjoy the dessert as much as we should have. Biggest surprise, my favorite dessert was the peach apple cobbler. It was delicious!! I think if I were to order dessert again, I would just get the full serving of a peach apple cobbler. Hmm, I’ve been into cobbler lately…may have a recipe to share soon-ish.

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  1. kat

    haven’t been to yard house in many moons, glad they are still around!

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