Yu Chun Korean Restaurant – Ala Moana, HI

Looking for a good naengmyun? Look no further, gotta try the OG place! Yu Chun Korean Restaurant, and can you believe it, I have never been here before this visit. The Yelp reviews could certainly deter you. We came early, brought cash and made sure we left tip (lol). The service was super good so the tip would have happened anyway! The food was good! A little on the pricey side for me. I guess I would be good with just buying the supermarket package and making it at home, but no one can make the broth the nice icy slush they do!

Daikon and White Kimchee – they also ask if you want regular kimchee!

Black Noodle in Iced Soup | $16.95 (ala carte price)

Black Noodle with Spicy Sauce | $16.95 (ala carte price)

This one was my dish, it’s like a bibimnaengmyun. It was super good and they actually gave me a small bowl of the regular naengmyun slush broth on the side too. I poured it into my noodles and it tasted great.

Kalbi | $35.95 (!)

We actually ordered the combo set which comes with two black noodle dishes and the meat of your choice. Who wouldn’t choose kalbi? But the set comes out to $54.95. Not bad considering the ala carte prices yeah?

The parking lot is pretty tight and they share it with I think two other businesses. We came right when they opened so we got parking no problem. Would I return? Ehhh…probably not soon. Price tag is a bit steep but the food is good!

11 responses to “Yu Chun Korean Restaurant – Ala Moana, HI

  1. vickinags

    Yup, when you can pretty much make your own for less than half the cost there, Hard to pay. Seems like all meat dishes now days are astronomical. Oxtail soup at Zippys is $27! Oh, and do you freeze your broth when you buy from the market? you can just crush it with a meat tenderizer or don’t tell anyone but I wrap it in a dishtowel and jump on it.

    • Jenny

      Yes!! And my gosh, $27 for oxtail soup! No can! And wow what a tip! Never thought to just freeze the sauce packet and crush em…smart! Be careful jumping on that, I no want you to slip and fall!!

      • vickinags

        I buy a couple bags at a time and freeze the whole thing. The noodles cook so fast too since it doesn’t seem to freeze.
        All you need is kimchee, cucumber, boiled egg. I was just thinking before freezing the soup, what if you boil some sukiyaki or think cut beef in the soup and then freeze everything. (at home, I usually don’t have the meat in)

        • Jenny

          Wowow all these tips, I never have to eat it at the restaurant again lol!! I think making your own frozen portions with the meat with it is genius!

  2. kat

    pricey but looks ono

  3. I went there once because I heard their cold noodle soup is good. We had it with kalbi because it seemed to make sense but the kalbi was kinda tough and junk. The soup was good but it was too expensive, imo.

    Nowadays I go to Palama Super Market for their cold noodle soup. Only $10 and really ono! The package the noodles and egg separate from the soup and the noodles get all stuck together. So now, I break off the amount of noodles that I want and swish it in cold water to loosen them up.

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